Friday, March 4, 2011

Little Miss Molly

Well, we did it.  We bit the bullet and got a new puppy!  After MUCH discussion, weighing out pros and cons and typical me - over analyzation, we decided we were ready for our first pooch! We had been discussing which type of breed we wanted and the one that would best fit our lifestyle.  Austin won this battle with his first pick: a German Shorthaired Pointer, and I must say, I am glad he did. We researched breeders for the past several days and then found our sweet pup in North Wilkesboro, NC, about 2.5 hours from Cary.  Monday afternoon we packed up and headed on our journey to meet our new 4 legged friend.  As soon as we met her and her brothers and sisters we were instantly hooked!  They were all so cute - like little pigs all snuggled up together.  We were able to meet her Mom and she was beautiful and very well mannered.  We were very impressed with the breeder and all his knowledge and care he had for the dogs. On our drive home she slept the entire way, only woke to reposition herself on my lap, and didn't make a peep.
 4 of the pups
Proud Mama!

Austin has been in Atlanta all week (last work trip with CMI, YAY) so Dad and I have been alone with little Miss. Molly.  Thank goodness he has been here.  She is a lot of work!  She has a pretty cyclic routine, plays about 20-30 minutes and then sleeps 2-3 hours, so she isn't awake a whole lot. Being only 6 weeks old, (actually, 7 weeks yesterday) she is a total cuddle bug and sleeps much longer when she is being held and sleeping on a warm body. We are kennel training her so she spends the night in her little kennel, which she isn't a huge fan of yet.  She will get there, Aus reassures me, as it is sooo tempting to put her whining little butt in the bed with me!  I know it is for the best, especially for when she gets older and BIG, but we would both have such a better night's sleep during this whinny phase if we could cuddle under the sheets.

So besides sleeping, she pees, A LOT!  We were home from dinner last night and within 30 minutes she peed 6 times: 3 inside and 3 out!  Despite taking her outside every 5 minutes while she is awake, she still manages to make little puddles on the carpet.  We will get there too I suppose, but for now, helllooo spot shot!

loving the sunshine

I'm sure I'll have more blogging to do on Miss Molly in the next few days. I know one thing is for sure...I can't stop taking pictures of her! Happy Friday, bloggers!