Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Party...part 2

A few more pictures from the Christmas party...

My awesome sis-in-law, Leila!
Blair and me

Leila and her boyfriend Jeremy
wow, so there is a bit of a different in the iPhone camera and the 5D...

Love this man right here!!!

When Austin first saw this picture he said "WHOA! I thought Frannie was only wearing a graduation cap and gown here. It took me a minute to realize that was a pillow." haha. I'm feelin' it.

Love this girl, little Fran + baby on the way!

A little beer pong in the garage...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Party 2011...the details!

Our 2011 Christmas Party was a huge success! This was actually our 5th time hosting a Christmas party, but the first time in our home and post college.  Austin and I were so worried about having 30 (or so) people in our house at the same time but it worked out great.  We set up the fire pit in the backyard so there was always a crowd out there. We cleared out a bit of furniture in the den and kitchen so we had lots of space between the two. Next year we are ready for more!! :)

Our house during the day...

Stars hanging under the porch...loved them! 

The buffet in our entryway. 

I made these easy...white candles + glitter ribbon + elmer's glue! 

A special decoration given to me from my mama. They were her little Santa's when she was a little girl. :)

I made this to hang from the ceiling fan - silver balls strung on 4 pieces of ribbon (4 different cascading sized balls) and hung all together with fishing wire. 

Our den 

I got our stockings this year at Ballard Designs LOVE them. 

He loves to hang ornaments...and pull them down.  

A few essentials...

One of my favorite decorations this year...this idea came straight from pinterest. (and yes, I unwrapped each peppermint.) 

The dining room table with most of the food...

Pretzel rods dipped in Chocolate and covered with m&ms, sprinkles and crushed Andes' peppermints. 

Loved the punch this year....pineapple and orange juice, ginger ale, champagne and vodka - delish! 

More people pictures coming soon....stay tuned! :) 

A special thanks to my mama for helping with all the beautiful decorations and Leila and Jeremy for helping us all day Saturday to create this delicious food! Christmas party 2011...check!