Wednesday, November 7, 2012

16 weeks!

How far along: 16 weeks 3 days

Size of baby: An avocado! About 4.5 inches long!

Total weight gain/loss: 6 lbs so far

Maternity clothes: Still wearing both maternity and non maternity. Mostly non maternity tops. I'm not a huge fan of my maternity jeans...they just don't stay up very well. But maternity scrubs...I LOVE those. Have I mentioned that?

Gender: We find out next week! and Aus and I thought of a cute way to tell/show our family and friends! It might take us a day or two to get it together so it might be Wednesday or Thursday of next week before the world knows. Patience, please. :)

Movement:I don't think so. But I am paying attention to every feeling. I feel things in my stomach sometimes but I think it's mostly gas or cramps. I am so excited to feel this sweet baby!

Sleep: Not great honestly. Until about 3am I sleep like a rock, then its all down hill from there. Tossing and turning and watching the clock. I guess I really will never sleep again...oh man that thought scares me! I like my sleep!

What I miss: Nothing much, still Jersey Mikes subs and a glass (or five) of wine would be fabulous.  

Cravings: Nothing new really. Love my cereal in the morning, with LOTS of OJ!

Best moment this past week: Really looking and feeling pregnant. So excited for this new baby bump and people noticing that I'm pregnant, and asking when I'm due!

Symptoms: All my symptoms are so much better now! I feel really good overall. Only big complaint I have now is the nasal congestion. I just ordered a humitifer for me and baby so I'm excited for that to get here.  

What I'm looking forward to: Next Tuesday, of course!! And having a mini shopping spree for baby Green! Once I know the sex I have to go just a little bit crazy, right? :) Also, we are pretty set with what we are going to name him/her so I can't wait to finalize that and tell everyone! And order baby Greens first monogrammed diaper cover!! haha

Milestones: Baby can hear my voice! And he/she has eyebrows and eyelashes! Aww!

Mood: Happy, happy, happy! And excited! Can't hardly think about anything else besides this little life insdie me.
Labor Signs: no no, still 24 more weeks to bake!

Wedding rings on or off: on 

A pic from Monday of this week...

And my chalkboard pic! :)