Saturday, September 29, 2012

speaking of SURPRISES...

This time...a super fun surprise coming from this blog!!! I'M PREGNANT!!! Well, I guess WE are pregnant, but technically I'm the one carrying the baby, if you had any question. :) 

We found out the day before our anniversary, August 20th. I was a few days late but seriously thought there was no way I could be pregnant. Who knows why, we had  been trying for months, but for some reason this month I thought there was no way. (go figure, right? doesn't it always happen like that?) Anyway, Austin told me to pick up a test and we would take it when he came home on his lunch break. So I did, and we did, aaaand it was positive! Or so we thought, haha. The lines were kind of questionable and we literally stared at it for 5 minutes saying "is it? or is it not?" After that confusion Austin told me to go to the store and get a test that said YES or NO, the fancy digital kind. So I did that, took the tests to his work and snuck into the bathroom, and then back into his office with the two new tests in hand. A few longggg seconds later...YES. This one left no room for question! 

He grabbed my iPhone and started taking pics and I didn't even know it...but I am so glad he did!

Think I needed a little reassurance? haha. Looking back on that "questionable" test, there was clearly a plus sign there. (the very bottom blue test)
I will be back to write more with details on how the past 6 weeks have gone...but for now, yayyyy!!! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A little Surprise party!!!

We successfully pulled off a surprise party for Austin a few Saturdays ago to celebrate "no mo chemo!" Austin finished his chemo and radiation treatments on the 12th and then Saturday the 15th all of our family and close friends got together for a little afternoon party. It was so much fun and I loved having everyone together. Through this whole summer Austin has said to me countless times how he just wanted to be with his family or just wished he could go to Danville to see his friends. Welp! That is what he wanted and that is what he got. His best guy friends all came down and all of his immediate family was able to come to town. It was perfect and I really didn't want the day to end!

I tried to coordinate all of Austin's favorite foods for the party. I asked him about a week before, "what would you say your very favorite food is?" and he responded with, "hmm. sushi. or tuna. or really just any good fish." Yeaaaaa. Awesome. Those things were definitley not on my party food list. Then he said "well, Chick-fil-A nuggets, too." haha, think he was on to me?

I seriously have the best girlfriends in the world. No way I could of gotten through these past 4 months without these girls. Literally, daily texts and phone calls were the normal...and I can never thank them enough. <3

Sure do love my little niece Caroline!!

Thank you so much to everyone for helping with this! It was a huge group effort and it all came together so well! I just loved it!!!! :)

The plan for now is to follow Austin with frequent CT scans which will get further and further apart as time goes on. His first scan is scheduled for October 16th and we should have results that afternoon as we meet with his doctors a few hours after the scans. I feel 100% confident that we will have great news but I can't wait to hear it. A tumor-free scan...ahhh, music to my ears!

Keep calm...and fight on! (although I'm hoping our fight is finished for now, and frankly, forever.) I love you to the moon and back Austin!