Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Essentials - My Picks

There are so many awesome baby products out there and when I first started this huge research phase I was completely overwhelmed. They make 4,000 models and versions of every possible product out there so they don't make it easy when narrowing down and figuring out what is the best product for your lifestyle. I am a research and question asker queen so I did a lot of both before picking these products for baby James. I love blogging and LOVE finding blogs on product reviews and hearing about what other moms are buying and using for their kiddos, so I thought I'd share what I've purchased! 

My favorite baby products we have in place to use when James comes home:

Peg Perego Car Seat - Most important thing to me - safety. This car seat had extremely high safety ratings and was also compatible with the Bob stroller. I've read that it is a bit heavier than some car seats but thats ok. I also love that Baby James will be sitting and strolling in all black!
The Mommy Hook - Clips on the back of the stroller to hold your diaper bag and mall purchases. Perfect! 
BOB Revolution SE Stroller - I am in no way a jogger but this stroller was still super appealing to us because of how it easy it was to drive and turn corners. I love the two step break down process and think It's going to be super easy get in and out of the car. (We also got the Peg Perego car seat adapter so I can sit his car seat right in the Bob without having to awake/transport him.) 
Baby Trend Snap 'N Go Stroller - We got the snap 'n go stroller for quick in and out Target runs when we don't want to mess with the Bob. Again, you just snap the car seat onto the frame and you're good to stroll. 
Mortola Monitor -I did a TON of research on our monitor. Austin and I are both a bit tech-geeky so we wanted the best we could buy. With this monitor we have the ability to talk back to baby while monitoring him from anywhere in the house. The reviews on this are extremely high and I feel like we are going to be really pleased with the video streaming quality.  
MamaRoo Swing- Probably my most favorite "baby gear" item to try out. The mamaroo swing seems to be the next big thing, I mean alllll the celebs are raving over it! ;) The swing mimics a car ride, ocean waves, bouncing on your lap, etc. The quiet and sleek design was super appealing to me too since it's going to be sitting front and center in our den. My plan is for him to nap in this during the day and sleep in the Newborn Rock N' Play at night (not pictured.) 

Wubanub - Every baby I know loves their Wubanub so I'm hoping James will too. Since I'm going to breast feed I don't plan on introducing paci's to him the first weeks of his little life but once it's time this will be his first treat! 
Mustela - Want your baby to smell amazing? I do! Every time I go into James' nursery I am already rubbing this lotion on my skin. It smells amazing and has great ratings for keeping dry skin away and baby smelling fresh all day long. 
Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. Just about all you hear when the conversation of newborns and sleep is on the tongue. These Aden and Anais blankets are super thin and soft and have the highest ratings of any swaddle blankets out there. 
Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattress - We spent quiet a bit on James' mattress after researching growth and development while baby sleeps. They spend so many hours laying on this thing so I wanted the best we could get for him. This mattress is all completely organic (which I'm not particular into) but was made without glues, springs and metal materials. It's also extremely firm which is mega important. 
Puj Tub - this tub is super soft and light. I love that it's compact and I have it hanging on the back of the bathroom door to take up zero closet/cabinet space. 
Lawn Drying Rack + Twig & Flower - How cute is this? Bottle and nipple drying rack. I'm not going to lie - I had to get this 100% based on it's cuteness! I have 2 flowers and a twig to decorate the grass a bit.
Little Green Pouch - Brilliant! Little pouches that hold food and have a removable/washable spoon. Just squeeze the food on to the spoon and wala baby eats! Minimal mess and great for travel too. 

I will be back with more great baby products, as this is just the beginning! Hope this was helpful to some!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A few Maternity Pickchas!

While we were down in Savannah a few weeks ago Aus took some photos of me at Wormsloe Plantation. How awesome is this place?!? We just wanted a few quick shots of me + the belly and thats exactly what we got! 

Thanks Aus, for making me feel beautiful...always. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

31 weeks

How far along: 31 weeks!  

Size of baby: A pineapple! He is getting close to his birth length now but he will still double or triple in weight. My doctor says he is probably 3-4 pounds now but we will find out his "exact" weight on the ultrasound next Tuesday! 

Total weight gain/loss: Don't know exactly...close to 30 pounds and kind of over it. It is what it is at this point. 

Maternity clothes: Yessss and no. Most of my lounge type hang around the house clothes are non-maternity.   

Gender: Sweet baby boy! James Austin Green!

Movement: Still lots of that going on. Austin felt his little arms and legs this week and thought it was SO cool. Super fun tracing out his little body! 

Sleep: Sleep is ok I could definitely be worse. My arm has been ok for the most part and I don't really get up to pee, just toss and turn a lot and struggle to get comfortable sometimes.   

What I miss: My normal body size. I'm just large. And in charge. 

Cravings: Still loving milk. I love lots of yogurt and fruit and pass on most meats. 

Best moment this past week: Got our stroller today! We got a Bob and I think I'm really going to love it. So excited to roll little James around in that!  

Symptoms: The carpel tunnel is by far my worst preggo symptom. It is so annoying and painful and I can't wait for it to be over. I'm thankful to not have heart burn or sciatica pain or any of those awful symptoms. 

What I'm looking forward to:We have our hospital tour on Thursday and I'm pretty excited about that. I know it's going to feel so real being in those L&D rooms! 

Milestones: All 5 senses are working now! 

Mood: happy and crying at the drop of a hat. Mostly happy tears thank goodness!      

Labor Signs: no but I am having Braxton Hicks contractions. Only 5 more weeks until he is considered full term!

Wedding rings on or off: on

The nursery is almost finished! Still waiting on the gilder to go in that left corner and we will be all set. Now we need a baby!!

The frames over the crib are empty for now...we are going to put black and white photos from James' newborn session. I'm sure we will take one or two, don't you think? :)