Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's a....

 So we went for our "anatomy scan" today and everything checked out great! It was such an amazing feeling seeing that little baby on the screen! All the organs checked out ok and the heart rate was 155, we even saw all 4 chambers of it's heart. She told us baby weighed 7 ounces already and measured right on time for my due date. We counted all 10 fingers and toes, too! But we did turn our heads when she looked down to see the sex of the baby. We wanted to find out alone in our house and I am so glad we did. Such an awesome moment!!! 

And here it is in pictures...I was a little excited, can you tell?

I told you about my emotions these days...haha the waterworks were in full force! 

We could  not be more excited! Austin claims "he knew" the whole time. :)

So, you know how I told you we had a plan to announce this to everyone? Well, the plan was to go get a bunch of balloons and take a picture with them. We didn't really love how they turned out though, so we actually used some pictures from above. Here are a few cute ones with the balloons though. It was a fun afternoon!

Yay Baby boy Green!! Now you need a name! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

17 weeks!

How far along: 17 weeks 

Size of baby: An onion! About 5 inches long!

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't been back to the Dr so I don't know exactly but I'm guessing around 10 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Still wearing both maternity and non maternity. Got some new jeans and a few more tops from Gap. I am loving them. Everything maternity is soooo soft and comfy, whats up with that?

Gender: We find out tomorrow!! I am so freaking excited! We have our appt at 10:20 and then Austin and I are going to take the envelope home and read it. We just want to be alone together in our house when we find out. What fun! Let the shopping begin!!! haha

Movement:I think maybe a little. I don't feel anything that feels like a kick but I feel something in there. It feels like bubbles or something...it is so hard to explain! I can't wait for a real kick and for Austin to be able to feel them too!!

Sleep: Sleep is still mehhh. Not so great. I got the humidifier going so I'm hoping that helps with my congestion. I still toss and turn all night and get up to pee once or twice. I need one of those body boppy pillows for sure.

What I miss: Nothing much at all. I have been eating firehouse subs (because they steam their meat) and that has really helped my sub/deli meat craving. Is there something about being told you can't have something that makes you want it more? Because I swear my love for subs has always been large but never thisssss bad. Man I could eat a sub for every meal.

Cravings: Nothing really specific, but some foods just taste real good. Like yesterday we were at Southern Season and they had these ginger snaps to try, I tried one, and then had to buy a whole tin. I don't normally even like ginger snaps but oh man were these good. I also reallllly like mustard.
Best moment this past week: Shopping a little at Buy Buy Baby and figuring some details out. I think we are set on the stroller we're going to get and I'm pertty sure of the furniture we need to buy. I'm going to be watching several stores for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales before we purchase. I also started a little registry on amazon to try and keep myself organized. 

Symptoms: Nothing much. Just the sleep and nasal congestion. I am really hungry all the time but trying not to eat everything I see.

What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow! And telling all our family and friends!!

Milestones: Baby is developing sweat glands!  Also baby is starting to yawn! Awww

Mood: Happy, happy, happy!

Labor Signs: no no no
Wedding rings on or off: on
Haven't done a chalk board pic yet but I have these I snapped with my phone.

My dad also finished the new door! He kocked out the wall and put a door between our bedroom and the nursery so we can get in quick. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes, suuuuper convenient!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girl or Boy? Gender Survey!

I am SO excited as I type this right now! We get to find out if baby Green is a BOY or GIRL on Tuesday!! I will share with y'all as soon as possible! I hope I can sleep these next two nights! 

 1. Chinese gender chart says: BOY
2. Are you eating more(boy) or sick/nauseated (girl)?: GIRL at first, now BOY
3. Lots of morning sickness (girl), or not too sick (boy)?: GIRL
4. Do you crave sweet foods (girl) or salty (boy)?: BOY
5. Is your skin clear (boy) or do you have breakouts (girl)?: BOY
6. Is the heartbeat high (girl) or low (boy)?: Our DR didn't really say a number, just "in the 150's" so I'm not sure?
7. Have you been more clumsy (boy) or graceful (girl)?: BOY
8. Has your husband put on sympathy weight (girl) or not (boy): BOY
9. Consider your age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or both are odd (girl). If one is even and one is odd (boy): BOY
10. My "mother's intuition" says: BOY! I think? I keep going back and forth! So really, I have no clue!
11. The husband's "father's intuition" says: BOY
12. My mom says: GIRL
13. Mother-in-law says: BOY
14. My Father says: BOY
15. Sister-in-law says: BOY
 16. Best friend says: BOY

Well it looks like by this survey we're having a boy! Watch us all be shocked! :)