Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Caroline Round 2

We headed back down to Charlotte this past week-end to hang out with Peyt and Liss and also to take some formal newborn pictures of sweet Caroline. We had a great day relaxing and talking and photographing little sweet cheeks. We are reminded every time we do a newborn shoot just how difficult they are. Patience, patience and more patience with these little guys.  It is by far the most difficult type of photography we do and spending 3-4 hours on the shoot is totally typical...all to get a good 5-10 pictures. Anyway, here are a few of the casual pictures we took while we were hanging out. We hope to have the pictures of Caroline finished real soon! I am excited to share them :)

Abi was very excited to meet her little cousin - she would of held her all day if we let her!

Our little family + Caroline. (This is a nice looking :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caroline Roe

Our sweet niece, Caroline, was born October 2nd, on Sunday morning at 2:38am.  We got the call Friday afternoon that Alissa was being admitted to the hospital and they planned to induce labor later that evening. I was so excited I couldn't stand it! We packed up and headed to Charlotte later Friday night.  After much quality family time in the waiting room Caroline finally made her grand appearance a day and a half later. Peyt sent us all texts simultaneously that their beautiful baby girl was born! We all jumped up so fast you wouldn't believe it...with really no where to go but a few steps closer to another waiting room. We waited a bit while they cleaned her up and then we finally got to meet those sweet cheeks.

Here she is: Caroline Roe Green 6.8lbs 19.5 inches long born October 2nd, 2011.