Friday, July 1, 2011


So, So, SO glad it's finally Friday.  I worked 4 days this week, which I never do so I'm pretty exhausted.  I'm thinking a little pool action followed by date night + several beverages is in order! We are headed to Charleston tomorrow for a girlfriends wedding. I know we will have a blast and I'm real excited for my first trip to the big city but I'm suuuuuper sad about missing the lake this weekend.  It feels so strange that we're not packing our bags tonight to head up for 3 nights of crazy celebrations. I've been at the lake with Aus for the past 6/7 years and then before that was always at our friend Clif's house. It's been a solid 10 years, maybe more, since I've missed a 4th up at the lake. Aus is real sad too but he's being a trooper and heading down to Charleston with me.  It's been even longer since he's missed a 4th, he's thinking a solid 15 years.  We are staying right downtown here at this little chic + southern boutique. Just like WPP! HA. :) Our new promo cards use Chic and Southern as our tag line. Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled holiday. To our lake crew: we are already missing you!!!

Happy Birthday, America. I'm glad you were born!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Windy Peak

We've finally finished our new blog for Windy Peak.  I'll be updating it often so check back for new posts and pictures! We also changed our logo - which you can see on the new blog and website.  I'm loving the new changes and our business is really growing.  We've got 10 weddings this year and are actually at the point of turning down business - crazy! Check us out and follow us!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aus and I drove down to the great state of Alabama last week to visit Dad + the fam.  We had a great time, per usual.  We went to the dog races, lost miserably, also, per usual.  Watched Savanna pitch in her softball tournament - they won, and then went on to win the state title for 12U girls. Exciting! We went out to Kobe (a Japanese cook-in-front-of-you restaurant) for Kylie's 12th birthday and had a super fun time + ate amazing food.
My two favorite boys on this planet!

Abi with Sydney and Sara Kate
Jackson, Kylie, Savannah and McKenzie

All the kiddos - Jackson, McKenzie, Abi, Kylie, Savanna, Sydney and Sara Kate

Yep, another losing ticket, Aus .
Savanna killing it!

Molly Update

A few recent pictures of our sweet girl.  She is now 6 months old, weighs 37 pounds, and is super smart!  She rings her bell anytime she wants to go out to potty, or just go out to play.  She listens well for the most part and is so cuddly!  Aus did bring home the shock collar and is using that a bit with her now to nix the bad habits - jumping up on us or the couch, trying to tackle + kill the cat, also whenever she attempts to chew our stuff (she is partial to rainbows and expensive hand bags- ha). We love her and are sooo glad she is a part of our lives!

Almost smiling? She has the whitest teeth!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr and Mrs Uitto!

Mr. and Mrs. Uitto have finally tied the knot and made it official.  They had been awaiting their big day for a long 18 months! Whew! We had so much fun during their wedding weekend and I was so honored to be a part of it.  Friday night we had the rehearsal at the church (obvi) then a nice dinner at the Danville Arts and Cultural Center.

B and me with lil Fran :)

The best friends a girl could ask for!
The wedding was Saturday at 5pm at West Main Baptist Church.  We started our day at the hair salon with mimosa's + becoming glamorized.  These first few photos are over at Frannie's parents house where we hung out for a few hours before the ceremony started.  They live right across the street from the church so it was super convenient and we all walked over about quarter til 5.  The reception was held under a big (ginor) white tent on the Easley family farm. Everything was perfect, minus the huge rainfall right as we arrived at the reception.  Frannie held up well, I totally would have balled, and in about 20 minutes the rain was completely gone.  The rest of the night the weather was perfect -cool and sunny. 

Loved our sunflower bouquets!

The Green's (minus Leila)

The last dance...
...and their off! Headed to Punta Cana!!!