Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aus and I drove down to the great state of Alabama last week to visit Dad + the fam.  We had a great time, per usual.  We went to the dog races, lost miserably, also, per usual.  Watched Savanna pitch in her softball tournament - they won, and then went on to win the state title for 12U girls. Exciting! We went out to Kobe (a Japanese cook-in-front-of-you restaurant) for Kylie's 12th birthday and had a super fun time + ate amazing food.
My two favorite boys on this planet!

Abi with Sydney and Sara Kate
Jackson, Kylie, Savannah and McKenzie

All the kiddos - Jackson, McKenzie, Abi, Kylie, Savanna, Sydney and Sara Kate

Yep, another losing ticket, Aus .
Savanna killing it!

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