Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm back from Chicago! But, guess what? I came home to realize I didn't take one single picture! What? How could that be? I must say, I am a disappointed in myself that I don't have any pictures...but I guess there really weren't a ton of photo opts either. We had perfect weather, (perfect shopping weather!) and ate at all my favorite spots. We literally shopped every day, haha. I mean...why not?

I have a few pics of my purchases that I found online...

I got this silver/gold BCBG dress to wear to Kimmy and Clif's wedding in May. I LOVE shopping and buying dresses for events in advance. This is never the case for me, so I am thrilled I have my whole ensamble lined up!! Perfect shoes too...and some new gold jewels!

I got this clutch  to carry with the silver/gold dress. The color looks a little weird in this pic but it looks great in real life. Trust. :)

Mama hooked it up with this new Kate Spade bag! Loooove it! I am ready to break out my new spring bags...see ya winter!
I had never really seen Kate Spade jewelry in real life but I loved it (go figure, right?) I got these black studs which I desperately needed. These bad boys are real big and I love them! Also a plain silver bangle to wear with my watch. Thank you, KS, never a disappoint.

Black shorts from AT Loft...I also got some cute white eyelet shorts from Macy's but I couldn't find a pic of those.

Have y'all ever heard of Bar iii? I hadn't, until this trip and I found tons of great dresses! Macy's carries it...I'm not sure where else but I'd imagine Macy's isn't the only department store. I got several Bar iii dresses but this is the only one I could find a pic of online.

Another BCBG dress...I got this in hot pink. I think I might wear it to Austin's uncles wedding this spring!

I also scored some super cute black Coach flip flops and a pair of black wedges Gwenie gave me! The other clothes I couldn't find online, or didn't really feel like searching for. You will just have to see those in real life!

I shopped lots for Aus too, don't worry. :) His spring wardrobe needed a little attention. Several new Polo's, shorts, and I found three Brooks Brothers button ups and ties at Nordstrom Rack...loooove getting good deals! I even found a Tasso Elba sweater for $5.99 at Macy's! He was happy!

Chicago was great fun but...I hope I don't go back anytime soon. Because...I hope my mom is moving here very soon!! I told her that was my last trip, but I guess we will see what happens. :)