Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little jibber jabber...

We got home from Myrtle Beach yesterday and finished our spring wedding rush. We now have a break...for a bit. We don't have any Windy Peak weddings in May, but we still have two to attend. We are excited to be wedding guests for a change! Still though, we won't have much of a wedding break.

We got up early and drove down to the beach on Saturday in hopes of getting some sun and a chance to play in the water. When we got there it was sunny and HOT but I swear as soon as we sat down in the chairs, opened our first beer and took our shirts off, the sun went away and it was freezing! Apparently a big cold front/mini storm was coming through. Awesome.

We still managed to have lots of fun though and went to dinner at The Chesapeak House (thanks Katie for introducing us to that one!) on Saturday night and I had the best crab legs of my life! Such a treat!

Sunday we worked all day...Laura and Ken had a gorgeous wedding at The Hilton and the weather was pretty cooperative. We manged to get a whole lot more pictures outside than I thought we would. It was suppose to rain all day and really only ended up raining right at ceremony time. Laura had reserved a tent, just in case, and she was verrrry glad she did! I'll be blogging about their wedding on the WPP blog by the end of the week.
Monday we hung around the hotel a bit and then went to lunch at Dick's. Ohhh that place cracks me up. The food is meh, but the service is definitely hilarious. Austin even got me to try fried alligator. I wasn't a huge fan. So I soaked it in ranch. 

The GoPro watching the road for us...
In other news....

Molly still won't go in her dog house. I'd say that was $150 well spent. 

This coming weekend we have two maybe three shoots and will just be hanging at home catching up on work in between. We have a maternity shoot Friday evening and an engagement shoot Sunday evening. Liss and Peyt might be coming up for a night or two and if so we will be doing a little family shoot with the three of them on Saturday. :)  Glad to have another weekend at home!

I'm *hopefully* going to Danville on Thursday to hang with the girls and visit with little Claudia again. Time to get my fix...missing them!!