Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Night's Dinner

So this week I did something I never do: planned my meals for the week.  I went to the grocery store and bought all the food I would need for a week's worth of dinners. Last night we had BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, corn bread, coleslaw and baked beans.  It was a lot of food!  I only made the coleslaw and baked beans because tonight we are having hamburgers on the grill so I figured those two could double for both meals. Aren't I clever? :) The chicken was sooo delicious.  Aus marinated with a new Argentine rub from Williams-Sonoma and it was soooo good.
Most of my pictures are pretty bad and I forgot to take half of them, but you get the idea. Jiffy is definitely the best corn bread there is, hands down. So sweet and delicious!
Marinating Chicken
My new favorite wine Aus discovered a few weeks ago. It's a Moscato, so very sweet but mm-mmm good! (and, yes, I like cheap wine, I'll take it anyway I can get it!)
Cooking the Mac and Cheese...I used the good ol' Kraft Home-style again. We had the four-cheese this time and I think it was better!
Ready to go in the oven with bread crumbs and shredded cheddar on top.
Bush's Home-style Baked Beans
These pictures look kind of weird/gross - sorry I'm going to do better!

For the coleslaw I used my aunt's super simple recipe. I grated a head of cabbage and mixed in mayo (until right consistency) couples spoon full's of sugar until it tasted right and a tbsp of sweet pickle juice. Lots of S&P of course! It is simple but oh-so-good!

UNC job

Real quick I just wanted to let you all know I heard back from the UNC Nurse Recruiter today for the Documentation Specialist position I interviewed for back in February. I sent her an e-mail last Wednesday asking the status of my interview and today she finally wrote me this: We have one more candidate but you are definitely being considered. Soooo, she is a woman of many words.  I will keep y'all posted with the official news but this is the latest going on with this long process. My interview was 3 weeks ago today. Geesh!

(I'd really like to be a Tar Heel!!!)

A Southern Plantation Dinner

This past Saturday we headed to Danville for a dinner party to celebrate Frannie and Kevin's engagement.  The party was out at her family farm house (same location as the wedding reception) and had a southern theme to the event. They started out with yummy appetizers and we hung around in the game room/bar with lots of family and friends.  The dinner was! Let me make your mouth water a little bit with this: homemade Brunswick stew (some of the best I've ever put in my mouth!) BBQ, fried chicken, green beans, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, corn bread casserole, black eyed peas, collard greens, and I know I'm forgetting something!! It was soooo good, some of my favorite foods and just about all of Austin's favorites. It was quite the spread! I either forgot to take a picture of it or opted against it for fear of being the 'weird girl' taking pictures in the buffet line. HA :)
Fran and her Bridesmaids (minus a few)

The Bride and Groom to be
Ready to get Married!
The Green's x 2
Katie and me
Fran with her pops
Yummy Cake
Aus and Charles playing pool

Thanks to Susan for coming up and puppy-sitting our new four legged friend! Now that we have Molly we have to seriously consider all the out of town events - this will take some getting used to because we usually keep the road hot! Have a happy Wednesday blogger friends!