Friday, August 17, 2012

Trucking on...and our weekend plans

Soooo happy Friday is here again! This has been a really good week for Aus. He is now 8 treatments down and has 17 to go. We are getting there!! His side effects have been really minimal this week so that has been great. The only thing new was this metallic taste he was having (which has gotten better) but he said his mouth tasted like he had been sucking on a penny! Yuck! And now it's Friday and he has a two day break. I am really thankful his body is handling the chemo so well, because if it didn't, (which is common for a lot of people) then they would either decrease the dose or eventually have to stop it all together. Studies have shown that radiation is most effective when combined with certain chemo drugs so I am thankful his body is allowing him to take the chemo which puts him in the best possible situation for this to be effective. Another gift from God, as this could be so much worse.

We have a little Save-the-Date shoot at the beach this weekend so we are headed south tomorrow morning. We are going to Atlantic Beach (a first for me!) and I am exited to check it out. We are staying Saturday night and then plan on hanging by the water Sunday and driving home. I do feel blessed that our job gives us so many opportunities to go to the beach. We missed both of our family beach trips this summer so at least we are making it up a day here and there on the weekends. I think it is very therapeutic for us both! 

Our anniversary is on Tuesday and tomorrow (the 18th) is the 3 year anniversary of when we got engaged. We figured we would celebrate all of that at the beach this weekend too. After all, we got engaged on the beach so that will be fun...what an awesome day/night that was! 

Aus is about to finish treatment now and we are headed back home to go to work. My job has been soooo amazing with me and allows me to come with Aus most mornings. Today I will get to work about 9am and work until 7pm, so I am very thankful for the flexibility and being able to be with Aus on these not-so-fun mornings.  

Going down memory lane this morning...hard to believe this was 3 years ago!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!