Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Body by Vi and our weekend

We had a super fun little weekend. Peyt, Alissa and sweet Caroline came to see us! We hung out, went to the mall and to lunch, drank some good vino and ordered in pizza! Saturday evening we also headed down the road to one of our favorite session locations and had a quick shoot with the three of them. Caroline was so happy and smily for us. Well, that is if I stood behind Austin squeaking her giraffe and doing a little dance. :) I think she was quite entertained. 

Sunday we hung around the house and then went to lunch and they hit the road. I so badly wished they lived closer!! 

In other news, I started the Body by Vi challenge this week. Today (Wednesday) is day number 3. I had never heard of it but the other day I was reading Carter's blog and then I blog stalked over to Nickies blog and there I read about her challenge and her success! I was super impressed and knew this was something I needed to try. The shakes taste SUPER that makes it easy. The one in the picture was a strawberry and banana shake and I think that combo is my favorite. There are tons of recipes online to far I've had that one, blueberry, peaches and cream, birthday cake, and pineapple! Sounds pretty delish huh? It is!! I don't know you Nickie but thank you for blogging about your success! I hope to share my before and after pictures after the 90 challenge is over. (and yes, I took the before pictures and that was sheer torture.) 

So, you drink two shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) and then eat a healthy dinner. This week we've been eating grilled chicken with veggies and some type of potato. Not too shabby at all! Hoping I make it the 90 days! 

Sunday night was the last night before the "challenge" so we decided to go somewhere delish. We were downtown so we headed over to The Pit for BBQ. Have y'all ever been? It is ridiculously good. Not just the BBQ, but all the sides!! ahh. Let me just tell you what I ate: first we got BBQ fries which were fries with melted pimento cheese (Umm, hello party in my mouth), chives and BBQ ranch dressing. Then I got the BBQ plate...which was BBQ with Mac and Cheese and cheesy bacon grits. Hello carbs! It was freaking fantastic. 

We don't have much going on this weekend...maybe heading down to Carolina beach for the day if the weather is nice. I'm off to cook dinner now...see ya later friends!