Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Randoms on a Wednesday

So last weekend my friend Katie came down to do a little Christmas shopping and talk/plan a little about our friend Frannie's baby shower that we are hosting in January. We were super productive on the Christmas shopping end. It was such a fun little day, oh how I wish she lived 5 minutes down the road and we could do that more often! It is so hard to think about anything besides Christmas right now! Plus, Austin and I are hosting our annual Christmas Party this Saturday so you can imagine what my to-do list looks like. I am so excited! I have the menu planned, most of the shopping complete, the house is decorated, the kegs have been reserved, the play list has been made and our attire has been purchased! I got a ton of my Christmas decoration ideas and menu items from pinterest. I will take pictures soon!

Katie's daughter Isabella and me before we hit the mall. How sweet is that smile? Love her!

 This is a good look for him don't ya think? :)
 Someone found a new home...
Mollys Christmas sweater borrowed from cousin Henry!
How sad does she look with her ears tucked back? haha
Our sweet girl!