Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frannie and Kevin are getting married!

We got in from San Diego Saturday and headed to Danville to celebrate Frannie and Kevin's engagement.  The party was at our friend Sarah's house and a good time was had by all.  Frannie and Kevin are getting married June 18th in Danville, VA at West Main Baptist Church with the reception out at their family farm house.  I am sooo excited for this special day, it has been a long time coming! 

The happy couple :)

Frannie is one my nearest and dearest friends and I am so excited to be a part of her wedding.  Her wedding is going to be beautiful!  She has a 'country chic' theme going on, think yellow and white flowers with big white pitchers filled with yellow flowers on the tables, severing lemonade in mason jars, mashed potato bar, fried chicken, with the best DJ playing all our favorite jams!  All under a big white tent, perfectly lit, sitting in the middle of her family farm. Oh and, my personal fav, the Uitto Mojito! (Kevin's last name and Fran's new name will be Uitto.) How nice did that work out for their signature cocktail!!! 

A few more pics from the night... 
Blair and me
Frannie, Sarah, Shannon and Emily
Kamryn, Lindsey, me and Blair
Blair, Frannie and me (WGF's)
Hubs and me <3

The countdown is on...121 days until the big day! (yes, I just looked at a calendar and counted!) :)

Love Day

We both had the day off so we enjoyed sleeping in and lounging around the house.  I went out to run a few errands and when I came home, I walked into the house to beautiful pink roses!  He is so sweet (sometimes!) :) I got Aus a not-so-romantic gift: a label maker.  He really wanted one I swear!  I did get some of his favorite candy, Reese's hearts, and I framed (yet another) picture of us from our wedding. We worked on our new Windy Peak website part of the day and anxiously awaited our dinner at Flemings Prime.  We headed to the bar to have a few drinks before dinner and I had the most delicious cocktail my tongue has ever tasted!  It was a martini, called The Farmer's Daughter, and was a mixture of strawberry and basil with a hint of lemon. It was ammmazing (I had several!) We headed to our table where I found a long stem rose awaiting me (+1 Aus) and a private booth to enjoy our feast in.  We had steaks (best filet for me yet) and crab stuffed shrimp as our entree with portobello mushrooms and parmesan garlic mashed potatoes. Delicious! My camera was living on low battery (this is the story of this camera short life thus far...) so I only got a few pics.

I love surprises!
On our way out

We had a great first Valentines Day as Husband and Wife! Cheers for many more!

Bath Bombin'

During one of my loooong days alone at La Costa I decided I needed to get a little girly with it.  Our room had a huge hot tub and I was determined I would get some use out of it before the week was over. The gift shop sold these super cute bath bombs shaped into treats- cupcakes, ice cream, candies, etc.  I got myself a Mango cupcake, a bottle of champagne and straight for the bath tub I went!  Aus wasn't due home for a few hours so I had plenty of relax time and a chance to get further into my book.  We received a few marriage/love books as wedding gifts so I figured this trip was an excellent time to start reading them.  I actually learned a lot from this book, The Power of Two and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn and strengthen their marriage.

Ta-da! Relaxed, rejuvenated and 1 bottle of champagne deep!

Audios San Diego!

On our last day in San Diego Aus finished early so we had some free time to go exploring.  We decided to rent a car so we could really check out the city and have fun. We saw so many different beaches and explored lots of coves and scenic spots. We drove along Hwy 1 (also known as the beach coast) which is pretty famous as it runs right against the Pacific.  We drove and drove and stopped occasionally to see what we could get ourselves into.
 My lovely Chauffeur

 bet his pictures are better than mine...
how beautiful is this!!! 

I took this from inside the car while driving...nasty windshield!

How sweet is this guy!  I've never been so close to a squirrel and he was so fun to watch. I wanted to scoop him up and take him home to Baxter!
We visited the Self Realization Garden and got some great pics. Aus has some hilarious pics he took of us "meditating", he will post them on his blog in the next few days so be sure to check them out.
enjoying the view
we are so close to Mexico!


We ended our day downtown San Diego catching another delicious Mexican meal.  I headed to the airport around 10pm to catch my flight.  Boy was that fun!! NOT. My first flight headed to Atlanta around 11pm and landed at 5:30am -3 hour time change.  I had a 3 hour layover where I pushed two chairs together and made myself a little bed. Such great sleep in an airport with a lady over the loud speaker every 3-5 minutes. I was sooo ready to get home.  I finally landed in RDU around 10am and headed straight home to my bed! Baxter was sure glad to see me!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

La Costa

Whoa! I have so much blogging to catch up on!  Last week Austin had to travel to San Diego (Carlsbad to be exact) for work so I decided I might just need to join him!  After he showed me pictures of the resort he was going to I booked my flight almost immediately.  Aus spent his days working hard in a ball room and I spent mine sleeping late, lounging by the pool and reading a few books. We had nice weather, mid 70's most days, but it was still too chilly to swim in the pool for long. 

The resort was dead all week.  Had 7 pools to myself! :)

Loved that California sunshine!
 My spot for a good 2-3 hours each day.

Yes, please!!!

Aus got off work at a reasonable hour most nights so we were able to head out on the town for some fabulous dining.  My favorite was definitely Casa de Bandini possibly the best Mexican food I've ever put in my mouth. It was so authentic and fresh; my mouth is watering just thinking about it. One night we headed downtown Carlsbad and a had a few drinks at the Ocean House then not loving the menu went else where for dinner.  We stumbled upon this small Italian place, Vigiluccis, a little piece of heaven right here on earth! Aus had some amazing Carbonara, and if you know us we are major Carbonara fan/critics.  Aus said this was some of the best he had ever had. I had a tomatoe/asparagus/mushroom/sausage penne dish in a white wine sauce that was awesome.

After dinner we headed to the beach so I could put my feet in the Pacific.  I don't know that I'll ever go back so I had to make sure my piggy’s touched the sand!  It was freeeeezing. I learned that the Pacific is much cooler than our Atlantic, even in the summer the water can be too chilly for swimming.
 I'm in the Pacific Ocean!!
On the beach