Thursday, April 7, 2011


We photographed the beautiful, Jess Duncan this past weekend at a new location - a farm right around the corner from our house.  Aus and I are always on the hunt for new photog spots and one night while Aus was out on the prowl he came across this sweet man's property.  He checked it out and then went to knock on the door to see who lived there.  Turns out, this sweet sweeet old man lives there alone and was thrilled to know we wanted to use his land for photos.  He was more than willing to have us and loved our ideas.  We will definitely be back - the photos turned out awesome (if I do say so myself) I think I'll bring him some fresh hot brownies when we return!
Here are a few of my favorites from the day...


Jess's wedding will be over the fourth of July weekend, on July 3rd in Charleston, SC.  She is getting married in the evening at the Mills House Hotel with the reception in the grand ball room.  I've never been to Charleston and I am dying to go so I hope we can work it out in our calendars to attend her big day - I know it will be as lovey as she is!

Katie is Getting Married!

We have an exciting weekend ahead! I'm off to Danville tomorrow for one of my bestest friend's bridal shower and a night with the girls. Katie is getting married in 23 days!!!  Saturday morning we are waking up with the chickens and heading to Charlottesville to visit a vineyard and do a bit of wine tasting and touring.  I am super duper looking forward to that! Saturday night we will out to a fabulous dinner and then we'll drink and dance the night away with the bride-to-be!  Sounds like an awesome bachelorette party to me! While I'm doing the girl thing, Aus is headed to SML to visit his parents and have some R&R.  Friday he is headed to South Hill to watch Abi play her softball game and then the two of them will truck up to the lake - or should I say three, Molly will be tagging along too! We will meet back Sunday afternoon and hopefully have a few hours together before Abi has to head home. 

A few pics of the bride-to-me and myself!

Katie and me with our other bride-to-be, Frannie!

 I'll be sure to take plenty of pics this weekend, duhhh!! Ta-Ta friends!


Austin just e-mailed me saying the fence guy was in our yard putting in our fence!! Oh, happy day! SO excited. SO glad we don't have to chase down our pup every time she steps outside. Shaking the treat box is our only ammunition to get her back - but not for long Miss. Molly! Now you will be running and playing in your fish bowl, mmwwhahaha! I will post pictures tomorrow when it's all up!