Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All about the boots!

How does one begin to choose a topic for their very first blog post! Oh, decisions! I've decided to keep it simple and write about the one thing I can't get off my mind lately: boots! I want boots, boots and more boots!  This winter is all about the boot, and not only the boot, but the flat boot. I started this winter season pretty behind with only my two pair of Uggs to satisfy my boot craving.  Slowly, but surely , I'm catching up...

Santa brought me these Cole Hann beauties for Christmas:

I recently purchased these:

And now I'm debating between these:

or these:

I like buckles, can ya tell? Help! If only my bank account could afford them all. I sure hope these boots continue to be my fortay in the next seasons as I have much invested!  My birthday is in 10 days, if anyone is looking for an idea-a pair of either in the two previous pictures would be fabulous! :)

I did it!

Well, here we are! It's a new year and I've jumped on the bandwagon and started my first blog. I'm still learning and wondering if my life could possibly be interesting enough to hold an active blog.  We shall see! Stay tuned for more...