Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 years!

A few weeks ago, but still...Austin and I celebrated 2 years of marriage August 21st! We had a great day together (one that I would not have foreshadowed that started out with chemo and radiation treatment, but thats ok!) and enjoyed every minute. I thought Austin was going to be at work so I came up with this fun little idea to have him open a small present from me every hour while he was at work. He ended up not feeling well so he stayed at home, maaaaybe because he wasn't feeling well and maaaaybe because he just wanted to spend the whole day with me. ;) Which was ok too because I got to watch him open all his presents! We took it easy and hung out on the couch most of the day. We ended our day at this new italian restaurant that just opened a few miles from our house. It was a super chill and relaxing day that we both needed. 

Opened them the second minute of the hour because it was our second anniversary. 

Cards from a few of our friends/family.

Before dinner...looking a little rough! 

Looooove this necklace Aus got me. Picked it out all on his own...I was impressed!! :) 

Cheers to many many more...I love you, Aus!