Thursday, July 12, 2012

And we keep truckin' on...

We are alive and well in The Green house! I have been neglecting my blog lately...per the usual, right? ;)

Just wanted to write a quick update...Austin continues to do well and is working 3-4 days a week now. His surgical pain is pretty much completely gone but he does have some lower back pain occasionally that requires him to take pain meds. He is eating well, gaining weight, driving all around and pretty much 95% back to normal. He is even getting in the pool and the lake! Not even 6 weeks post-op...WOW! I am back to work, mostly working 2 days a week and trying to keep up with all the WPP work since Aus has been out of commission. We are managing and still enjoying our summer as we should! We went to SML this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of July and had tons of fun with all the sibs. And let me tell you, we put on one heck of a firework show, too.

We have our next doctor appt on Tuesday (17th) where they will do a PET scan to see how well Austin's liver has grown back and map out his anatomy for potential radiation therapy. They should tell us a definite plan on Tuesday but we feel pretty confident radiation will be in our future. And we are ok with this.

I made these cake balls to take up to the lake...they were DELISH and so easy. Leila and I made some for our Christmas party last year after trying to attempt something that resembled a cupcake. Whenever you fail at your cake baking or decorating, no worries, just turn it into cake balls! I made these super easy...baked a cake, crumbled it up, added in a tub of icing (normally I would make the icing but I was in a hurry) and then rolled it and formed the balls. Froze them a bit and then covered them in white chocolate (dyed that red and blue). Easy breezy!

Abi jumping in...loving SML!

Our water dog that needs a life jacket... :(

How cute is this suit!!?!?...and those knees!!

Say whaaaaaat Uncle Aus?

Chillin with Panama Jack!

Yo. Laiiiiid back.  
Sweet little nap. Love them!

Katie brought her two kiddos up on Tuesday and we spent the day at the pool. Complete with a pizza party!!

 Aaaaaaand I leave you with last nights dinner...feta burgers and caprese salad...nom nom nom.