Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JAG is 5 months old!

Height and Weight: Around 17 lbs now.  Still in size 2 diapers but after this box we are moving to size 3!   

Health: Perfectly healthy and happy! So thankful for good health! 

Sleep: Sleep is much better these days. For the past 2 weeks he has gone down around 7:30 and slept until 4:00 or so. Gets up around 4, eats and goes back to sleep until 8:00/8:30. Hopefully we are out of the 4 month sleep regression for good! He is also out of the swaddle and in a sleep sack in his crib. The transition went great! Whew!

Clothes:  6 month stuff pretty much across the table. I remember looking at his 6 month PJs when he was born thinking he would never get in those! Here we are!

Social: He is so smiley and talkative. Hearing his little laugh when we blow on his neck and belly is the sweetest sound in the world. I think he is starting to recognize his name, too. He reaches for Molly when she walks by. I love hearing his little coos and raspy excited breathing!

Diet: Going strong on breast milk. We will start solids in a few weeks and I'm pretty excited about it! We are going to do a mix of BLW and purees. We're going to skip rice cereal all together and the first foods I plan to try are avacado, sweet potatoes and blue berries.

Baby Gear Love: We brought out the jumparoo thing and James is loving it. I love having a new toy to play with! He loves playing in his high chair and rolling around the floor on his play mats. Love the o-ball and he now has quite the collection of Lamaze toys. 

Crying: James still cries when you put him in his car seat but it only lasts about 30 seconds. Whew. He mostly cries when he is tired.

Likes: James loves being outside. Still loves the water in any shape or form. He loves snuggling with me in bed in the mornings and it is my favorite time of the day. He likes his mom and dad a lot! :)

Dislikes: He doesn't like when I leave the room. He doesn't like for me to put him down, he prefers to be held at all times, haha. He is a pretty easy going baby.  

Milestones: James can almost sit up on his own. His head control is awesome. He sleeps in the crib like a big boy.