Wednesday, April 30, 2014

James' First Birthday Party

We had an awesome first birthday party for James a few weekends ago. All of our family and closest friends - it was an amazing day! 

We planned this party for several months - it was so much fun! Mom and I joke and say it was our "therapy" at night - crafting and creating, we had such a good time. It all came together and it was so bright and colorful! Obviously James will never remember this day - but we all will, and we will share lots of photos with him. 

I love how the cake turned out. Michelle at Teal Petal Cakes made the cake and it was better than I imagined. I sent her a few examples and she came up with this - brilliant! 

Can you tell my mom was a first grade teacher? I kept telling her when we were decorating it looked so much like a children's classroom! Especially the Happy Birthday James worm!

Thank you Pinterest! This wall is just crate paper and balloons. We started out taping the gallons to the wall but no bueno - to get the "cluster" look you have to needle and thread the balloons together…then tape them to the wall. Sounds difficult but it really wasn't at all. We got fabric at Joanne's fabric for all the tables, and my grandmother sewed the runners together. 

My sweet friend Jamie offered her husband, Richie, to come over and take photos for us. They run Jagg Photography and are crazy talented. I  am SO glad we had him!! I know one of two things would have happened if we didn't have Richie with us: one - I would of been photo obsessed and would have spent the whole party trying to capture every moment and not enjoy myself or two I would not have picked up my camera the entire party and wouldn't have any photos to share. Richie success!!

So thankful for such awesome weather. We had a ball pit, bubble machine, and tent/tunnels for the kids to play in. Everyone seemed to have a great time! 

The best girls in the world! :)

James and Ethan were born one day a part and have spent lots of time together this first year! So thankful for him and his Mama! 

Hugs from sweet cousin Caroline!