Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Woods + Eggs

We headed for the woods last Saturday at Umstead Park campgrounds.  This was Abi's first time sleeping in a tent and she had so much fun.  The weather was perfect and the park was sooo nice.  We took a few hikes on the trails and let Molly run and play.  Abi brought her bike and scooter so that occupied her most of the day while we sipped a few adult beverages.  

This was also Molly's first time - and our first time sleeping with her.  It was...interesting.  I had high hopes for snuggling with my sweet little pup but ehh, not so much.  She walked in circles half the night, stood straight up and growled at every leaf that blew by and managed to take my pillow for half the night.  

We woke up super early and Aus cooked us a delicious breakfast.  Eggs are so much better in the woods! Why is that? They are plain, no S&P or any fixin's but I swear they taste better! 

Making our roasters!

Molly loved camping - and it wore her butt out

The best part about camping - eggs in the woods!