Thursday, March 10, 2011

Compulsive Shopper?

I don't know what has gotten in to me the past few days but I feel the need for several new purchases. Maybe it's spring approaching, maybe it's the anticipation of waiting to hear from my potential new job and the need for a work wardrobe, or maybe I am a compulsive shopper - as my sweet hubby would call it. :) 

I am still waiting for the call back from UNC about the new 9-5, business casual attire position I interviewed for 2 weeks ago.  I e-mailed yesterday to follow up so I'm hoping to hear something soon. If the job is offered to me I will be in need of a very large wardrobe upgrade. No more scrubs for me, hooray!  I know tons of people loooove wearing scrubs to work, but frankly, I'm sick of looking like a sack of potatoes.

Check out my newest addition to my spring wardrobe: this gorgeous Kate Spade tote. Thanks, Mom. I just love it!

A few looks for my new potential wardrobe:
These are all from Ann Taylor and LOFT.

Plus, a few staples for any business woman's closet!
Must have new nude heels - new job or not!
Skinny belts, in multiple colors, to wear with just about everything.
Ahhh, a new work bag is toootally necessary. Cole Haan definitely has that for me!

I've been eyeing these new blingy bling Jack Rogers for a while now, they will definitely be finding their way into my closet very soon.

Austin's new Job-O!

Aus started his new job at Sigma Xi on Monday and so far there isn't too much to report.  He has been orienting to the building and learning his daily responsiblities, which so far, don't include much! Right now he is feeling the non-stressful job but this probably won't be one that will last. He does have a snazzy new office, with his own computer, printer/fax, shredder (YES!) and a few other sweet office digs. He works from 8-5 and comes home for an hour (or a little more) at lunch each day to eat and walk Molly. His office is only 6 minutes from our house so that is a huge perk. 
Here are a few pics he sent me of his new pad:  


Just a few more pictures of Molly I found on my camera from this past weekend. I do love her, and she is super cute, but I sure did NOT know what I was signing up for when I agreeed to a 6 week old pup! Holy Cow! Hello, 1, 3, and 5am! She absolutely has to have my undivided attention at all times.  Even if I turn my head for 5 seconds she is chewing something, peeing on something, or jumping on something. Sheesh! My days off this week have been extrememly non-productive due to this and I count down the hours until Aus gets home at 5 so I can have a break. She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow but I think it will be a loooong while before this behavior changes. Enjoy this cute face!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend

Aus came home from Atlanta Friday night and headed straight to pick up Abi. I was working and they picked me up, so we all got in around 7:45 Friday evening. Dad was still here visiting so he greeted us with huge T-bone steaks, salads and steak fries. YUM! 

We also had a big surprise for Abi - Molly!  We didn't tell her we got a puppy and decided to let her walk into the house to a sweet surprise.  She was so excited!  It was so fun to see her so happy.  They played and loved on each other and she took good care of her all weekend.

Saturday morning we were all up early (thanks Molly) and I took Dad to the airport around 10am for his flight back to Bama. Before Dad left he hooked us up with a sweet gate in-between the kitchen and living room.  It's like a baby gate but has a door to open and close s you don't have to jump over it or move it out of the way every time. We like it a lot and hopefully we will be using it for more than just a dog before too long! ;)

We also got lots of estimates on our new fence, which we are hoping to have up in the next month or so.  We have this entire rigmarole to get through with the HOA before we can start construction, but we will get there soon enough.  Saturday afternoon we took Molly down to the American Tobacco Trail for a long walk.  She is still learning to walk on her leash so it takes forever to get anywhere.  As soon as we take her off though she is great, walks right next to us.  Aus and I have been walking her off the leash around our 'hood and she does so well. We have a nice routine each evening with her making a few laps around the loop. She listens well and walks either on our heels or right in front of us on the sidewalk.  We are quite impressed for only 7 weeks old!

Saturday we also went sofa shopping (sectional shopping to be exact) at Thomasville furniture.  We found a few we really like, but we aren't in any hurry since this is such a big purchase.  We are shopping around and hope to make our decision in the next several months.  Our two other couches have had it (and only after 3 years) so we are deciding to make an investment in a higher quality couch with hopes for it to last the next 10-15 years. Here are a few we looked at: the first two are made by Thomasville and the last made by Drexel furniture.

The Benjamin

The Mercer
The Conley

We stopped at DQ on the way home for Miss Abi and then made dinner later that evening.  I made the new Kraft Home-style Mac and Cheese as a side and boy was it good!  I highly recommend it, so quick and easy and tastes so much better than typical Mac and cheese out of a box.  I added some shredded cheddar to the top and extra bread crumbs. mmm delish! 

 Sunday we were sooo lazy. We laid around with Molly, watched movies, played games with Abi, and Abi and I finished her Easter Bunny Cottage we had been working on the day before.  It turned out so cute! Aren't we so crafty!?

 Chris and Kristin came by for a visit and to meet Miss Molly Sunday afternoon so we had fun hanging with them. We took Abi home early Sunday and Aus and I did a bit more sectional shopping and headed to dinner.  We headed to bed early (Molly has us both exhausted) to catch up on some Zzzz's and so Aus was ready for his new job Monday morning! I will blog about this tomorrow, promise! Later Gators!