Thursday, March 10, 2011

Compulsive Shopper?

I don't know what has gotten in to me the past few days but I feel the need for several new purchases. Maybe it's spring approaching, maybe it's the anticipation of waiting to hear from my potential new job and the need for a work wardrobe, or maybe I am a compulsive shopper - as my sweet hubby would call it. :) 

I am still waiting for the call back from UNC about the new 9-5, business casual attire position I interviewed for 2 weeks ago.  I e-mailed yesterday to follow up so I'm hoping to hear something soon. If the job is offered to me I will be in need of a very large wardrobe upgrade. No more scrubs for me, hooray!  I know tons of people loooove wearing scrubs to work, but frankly, I'm sick of looking like a sack of potatoes.

Check out my newest addition to my spring wardrobe: this gorgeous Kate Spade tote. Thanks, Mom. I just love it!

A few looks for my new potential wardrobe:
These are all from Ann Taylor and LOFT.

Plus, a few staples for any business woman's closet!
Must have new nude heels - new job or not!
Skinny belts, in multiple colors, to wear with just about everything.
Ahhh, a new work bag is toootally necessary. Cole Haan definitely has that for me!

I've been eyeing these new blingy bling Jack Rogers for a while now, they will definitely be finding their way into my closet very soon.

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  1. I saw those Jack Rogers and seriously thought of you! Get em! :)


    Ps. Love the new pocketbook, too!