Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I have been slacking. Ridiculous!

We'reeee baaaack. (And we've been back for over a week now, oops!) We had such a wonderful trip and as much as I'd like to say it feels good to be home - it doesn't. I. Want. To. Go. Back. NOW! Aus and I were both talking about at the end of our honeymoon to St Lucia and our trip two years ago to Punta Cana we were almost ready to go home, kind of excited to get back to life and the groove of things and see all our friends and family again. Not the case this time. We did not want to leave at all. Maybe since we did this trip so different - exed the whole resort and luxury thing and actually lived like a bajan for a week, it felt more like a life we weren't ready to leave.

I have tons of pictures, obvi, so I'll post a few of my favorites here. I'm probably going to do a few different blog entries as I feel like it. I like that I can look back and read about our trip a few years from now, oh how I love my little online journal. :)

So here is a recap of our week:

We arrived in Barbados Thursday afternoon around 1:30 and we were greeted by a sweet elderly bajan man holding an "Austin Green" sign in his hands. He drove us to our villa, about a 30 minute drive through the city and around the country side. He was old + cute and you all know how I love my old men. :)

Check out our cute little place - we loved it!

After we got settled in and unpacked we then decided it was a must we rent a car for the week. We got on the phone with a few rental companies and lined up a car to be dropped off at our house that night. The Swift. Niiiice.

Friday we hung out on the beaches in Fitts Village (the village we were staying in) and shopped down in Holetown for a bit.  That night we went to the famous fish fry down at Oistins fish market. Oistins was a good 35 minutes from our house, half way across our map of Barbados. It took us, ehhh, 2 hours to get there. Haha. This was our first road trip and we definitely learned we needed to prepare our directions a little better versus going by the yellow, orange and blue lines on the map.  Anyway, we finally got there to tons of vendors frying up their fish and selling it with all kinds of sides and drinks. We were so overwhelmed with what to eat! We ended up getting dolphin and the famous bajan macaroni pie and it was so good. They had live music, dancing, vendors selling various things and lots of rum punch! :)

Saturday we explored the areas near our villa again, hung on the beach and had another fried fish dinner at Just Grillin. We planned to bar hop all night and did just did that.  We started at Lexis piano bar, then to surfside grill, Kudos and thats about as far as my mojito mind takes me...

Aus' favorite bar on the island...The Ramshackle 

Sunday we ate at Spagos and I had carbonara (I told you, we always have to try it...even in the Caribbean) and Aus had a lobster pasta that was so good. We switched our plates back and forth. 

Monday morning we headed out early for our catamaran and snorkeling trip. Definitely my favorite day of the trip! We swam with sea turtles, snorkeled, had an amazing lunch, and cruised around the Caribbean for 5 hours.

Tuesday was filled with lots of snorkeling at Carlisle Bay and a trip over to Bathsheba. The Boat Yard was an awesome spot we found where we lounged on the chairs, swam out to the huge trampoline in the middle of the sea, and found our starfish friend Patrick. 

Patrick Seaford Green. Yea...we named him, so? 
How Aus snorkels...

On our way to Bathsheba...

 After our adventure we had dinner at Zaccios...Aus said he had some of the best red snapper of his life! 

Wednesday we went to the Mount Gay Rum distilery and learned a ton about their delicious rum! We brought home a few bottles. :)

On our last night we had the best dinner of the trip at The Beach House

Most days we spent exploring and swimming in various beaches across the island. It was amazing how different the beaches looked on various spots. The west coast faces the Caribbean sea and the east coast faces the Atlantic ocean.  Here are a few of our favorite spots: 

The reason all of our pictures look like post cards. :) Reason number 9273497 why being married to a photographer is THE BEST.