Thursday, April 7, 2011

Katie is Getting Married!

We have an exciting weekend ahead! I'm off to Danville tomorrow for one of my bestest friend's bridal shower and a night with the girls. Katie is getting married in 23 days!!!  Saturday morning we are waking up with the chickens and heading to Charlottesville to visit a vineyard and do a bit of wine tasting and touring.  I am super duper looking forward to that! Saturday night we will out to a fabulous dinner and then we'll drink and dance the night away with the bride-to-be!  Sounds like an awesome bachelorette party to me! While I'm doing the girl thing, Aus is headed to SML to visit his parents and have some R&R.  Friday he is headed to South Hill to watch Abi play her softball game and then the two of them will truck up to the lake - or should I say three, Molly will be tagging along too! We will meet back Sunday afternoon and hopefully have a few hours together before Abi has to head home. 

A few pics of the bride-to-me and myself!

Katie and me with our other bride-to-be, Frannie!

 I'll be sure to take plenty of pics this weekend, duhhh!! Ta-Ta friends!

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