Thursday, February 17, 2011

Audios San Diego!

On our last day in San Diego Aus finished early so we had some free time to go exploring.  We decided to rent a car so we could really check out the city and have fun. We saw so many different beaches and explored lots of coves and scenic spots. We drove along Hwy 1 (also known as the beach coast) which is pretty famous as it runs right against the Pacific.  We drove and drove and stopped occasionally to see what we could get ourselves into.
 My lovely Chauffeur

 bet his pictures are better than mine...
how beautiful is this!!! 

I took this from inside the car while driving...nasty windshield!

How sweet is this guy!  I've never been so close to a squirrel and he was so fun to watch. I wanted to scoop him up and take him home to Baxter!
We visited the Self Realization Garden and got some great pics. Aus has some hilarious pics he took of us "meditating", he will post them on his blog in the next few days so be sure to check them out.
enjoying the view
we are so close to Mexico!


We ended our day downtown San Diego catching another delicious Mexican meal.  I headed to the airport around 10pm to catch my flight.  Boy was that fun!! NOT. My first flight headed to Atlanta around 11pm and landed at 5:30am -3 hour time change.  I had a 3 hour layover where I pushed two chairs together and made myself a little bed. Such great sleep in an airport with a lady over the loud speaker every 3-5 minutes. I was sooo ready to get home.  I finally landed in RDU around 10am and headed straight home to my bed! Baxter was sure glad to see me!

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