Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UNC job

Real quick I just wanted to let you all know I heard back from the UNC Nurse Recruiter today for the Documentation Specialist position I interviewed for back in February. I sent her an e-mail last Wednesday asking the status of my interview and today she finally wrote me this: We have one more candidate but you are definitely being considered. Soooo, she is a woman of many words.  I will keep y'all posted with the official news but this is the latest going on with this long process. My interview was 3 weeks ago today. Geesh!

(I'd really like to be a Tar Heel!!!)


  1. you blogged about this before you even told me?? I guess our technology filled world creates this. keeping fingers crossed!!

  2. noooo I did not sir! I e-mailed you FIRST duh, but I looked back and I sent it to .com not .org whoooooops. Glad you are reading my blog so quickly though :)