Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girl or Boy? Gender Survey!

I am SO excited as I type this right now! We get to find out if baby Green is a BOY or GIRL on Tuesday!! I will share with y'all as soon as possible! I hope I can sleep these next two nights! 

 1. Chinese gender chart says: BOY
2. Are you eating more(boy) or sick/nauseated (girl)?: GIRL at first, now BOY
3. Lots of morning sickness (girl), or not too sick (boy)?: GIRL
4. Do you crave sweet foods (girl) or salty (boy)?: BOY
5. Is your skin clear (boy) or do you have breakouts (girl)?: BOY
6. Is the heartbeat high (girl) or low (boy)?: Our DR didn't really say a number, just "in the 150's" so I'm not sure?
7. Have you been more clumsy (boy) or graceful (girl)?: BOY
8. Has your husband put on sympathy weight (girl) or not (boy): BOY
9. Consider your age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or both are odd (girl). If one is even and one is odd (boy): BOY
10. My "mother's intuition" says: BOY! I think? I keep going back and forth! So really, I have no clue!
11. The husband's "father's intuition" says: BOY
12. My mom says: GIRL
13. Mother-in-law says: BOY
14. My Father says: BOY
15. Sister-in-law says: BOY
 16. Best friend says: BOY

Well it looks like by this survey we're having a boy! Watch us all be shocked! :)

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