Saturday, September 29, 2012

speaking of SURPRISES...

This time...a super fun surprise coming from this blog!!! I'M PREGNANT!!! Well, I guess WE are pregnant, but technically I'm the one carrying the baby, if you had any question. :) 

We found out the day before our anniversary, August 20th. I was a few days late but seriously thought there was no way I could be pregnant. Who knows why, we had  been trying for months, but for some reason this month I thought there was no way. (go figure, right? doesn't it always happen like that?) Anyway, Austin told me to pick up a test and we would take it when he came home on his lunch break. So I did, and we did, aaaand it was positive! Or so we thought, haha. The lines were kind of questionable and we literally stared at it for 5 minutes saying "is it? or is it not?" After that confusion Austin told me to go to the store and get a test that said YES or NO, the fancy digital kind. So I did that, took the tests to his work and snuck into the bathroom, and then back into his office with the two new tests in hand. A few longggg seconds later...YES. This one left no room for question! 

He grabbed my iPhone and started taking pics and I didn't even know it...but I am so glad he did!

Think I needed a little reassurance? haha. Looking back on that "questionable" test, there was clearly a plus sign there. (the very bottom blue test)
I will be back to write more with details on how the past 6 weeks have gone...but for now, yayyyy!!! 

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