Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Operation: Healthy Eating

 I'm guessing you've noticed I haven't had any dinner/recipe posts in quite a while. That is because all we eat anymore is chicken!  Aus and I are still doing our low calorie diet, and doing pretty well for the most part.  We definitely fail miserably on the weekends and have learned alcohol and low calories do not mix! I'll post our stats when we reach our 1 month mark next week. 

We pretty much eat baked chicken, grilled chicken or sauteed chicken for dinner.  We eat a lot of veggies and baked potatoes and branch out every now and then with fish, tuna or steak.  We grill just about every night, so Aus is loving that.  I do miss my glass of wine (or two) while hanging outside and grilling. For lunch we are eating sandwiches, soups or some type of a frozen meal. We are stocked up on 100 calorie pack snacks and keep our freezer stocked with Skinny Cows.

Here is an example of one of my days: (1250 cals)
 2 packets Cheese Grits
Marie Callenders' Smoky Cheddar Mac and Uncured Bacon (amazing!)
strawberry and banana yogurt
100 calorie pack cheezits
1 grilled chicken breast
1 medium baked potato with tons of raw onions, 4 tbsp fat free sour cream and 2 tbsp bacon bits

Example 2: (1240 cals)
cup of Easy Mac
small bag of Cheetos
100 calorie pack chocolate covered pretzels
blueberry yogurt
20 tiny twist pretzels
Cambells Chunky Baked Poato with Cheddar & Bacon soup
1 cup strawberries

Example 3:(1190 cals)
grilled chicken sandwhich with 1  pkt light mayo- Chick-fil-a
medium fruit - Chick-fil-a
medium diet lemonade - Chick-fil-a
1 grilled chicken breast
2 tbsp BBQ sauce
1 corn on the cob
1/2 lb sauteed mushrooms
three berry yogurt
skinny cow

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