Thursday, January 19, 2012

January is a great time to be born!

January is always fun because Austin and I both get to celebrate our birthdays! ACTUALLY, Baxter's birthday is in January too...the day before mine. AND now we have Molly's birthday to celebrate too...the day before Austin's! Coincidence? It was meant to be.

This year was Molly's first birthday so we got her a little pupcake from one of the gourmet dog bakeries here. She loved it, obviously, and she was kind enough to share it with her doggie friend, Molly.  Molly#2 belongs to the couple that keep our Molly while we are out of town.  They have an in-home boarding service and they are amazing. We love taking Molly there because she gets to play with lots of dogs her size and has a big yard to run around in, plus she comes home exhausted. Well, this time they were out of town so they asked us to watch their Molly and we gladly excepted. Molly#2 is so so sweet and smart. We are hoping some of her great behaviors rub off on our Molly.  They really are best friends, they even cuddle together on the dog bed! I really don't want to her to leave us.  :(

I'd say they are smiling! 

The next day, Saturday, was Austin's 28th birthday.  We had Abi that weekend so she and I woke up and fixed him breakfast and brought it to him in bed. We had an easy and relaxing day and Abi and I also baked him a cake. A mocha chocolate chip cake and it was yummy! Saturday night we headed to dinner and drinks at Tribeca Tavern. We weren't out too late since we had an 8 year old with us. :)

This weekend Blair and Frannie are coming down to celebrate my birthday with me. I am so excited! Friday will be low-key as we will have the mama-to-be with us and then Saturday we will go downtown and meet some of our others friends out. More on this later...

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  1. Love the hair feathers Miss Abigail! ;)
    Love the cake! It looks DELICIOUS! Glad yall had happy bdays! :)