Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Uitto will be here so so soon!

This past Saturday we had sweet Fran's baby shower in Danville.  We had a great turn out with all her best friends and close family and I'm pretty sure everybody had a fun time! We snacked on a few treats, played a few games and Fran opened lots of presents!  For the games, we played don't call me "baby" where you aren't allowed to say the word "baby" the entire shower.  Each guest got a clothespin when they walked in and if someone caught them saying "baby" they had to forfeit the clothespin. The winner at the end of the shower had like 15 clothespins! We also played "name that (baby) tune."  I made a CD of 15 songs that all had the word baby or babe in the title and then played the first 5-10 seconds of each song.  It was definitely a hit - especially with the older crowd! :)
I thought the cake turned out beautiful! It's from Kitty's Cakes in Danville and I am definitely using her next time I need a cake for anything!

Advice tree for the mama-to-be!

Present time!!!


love this girl!!

mama-to-be + grandma-to-be

41.5 - Lindsey and Emily + Alli :)

"perfect picture to the end of a perfect day!"

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