Friday, March 9, 2012

Vegas, baby.

Vegas was VERY good to us. Not only from a business perspective, which was the motive behind our trip, but from a personal perspective too. We needed a good break. We were able to relax with lots of fun dinners and drinks and even enjoyed an amazing Cirque du Soleil show - Zumanity which I would highly recommend. I would to go to another Cirque show and I actually saw on TV last night that they are coming to the RBC center in Raleigh!

So glad we rented a car and were able to see the state. Austin had always told me how beautiful this part of the county was and I never really got it until I witnessed it myself. The pictures really don't do any justice...
We always take a picture of our rental car :) 

This water was CRAZY blue
We stayed at the MGM grand, where the conference, WPPI was held. We are SO glad we stayed there. It was hard enough to walk the quarter mile every morning to our classes through our hotel...I can't imagine how it would of felt walking down the strip from a different hotel! All the hotels in Vegas are HUGE, like ridiculously unimaginably, HUGE. I thought I had stayed in some pretty big hotels before, but ehh not so much. Nothing compares to these bad boys! 


In front of the Bellagio! Where my mama and Bobby got married almost 10 years ago! :)

We visited the wax museum (which I super duper loved) and went to the body exhibit (and surprisingly it was Austin who wanted to go here so bad) which was pretty cool.

I've loved you, MJ, since I was 7 years old...

haha these crazy characters were everywhere. 

Before we headed out to Zumanity!! 

and about 10 minutes after this...I lost my camera. In the 50,000 sq foot casino in Las Vegas. I woke up the next morning nothing short of devastated. Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with taking pictures so I did not take this situation lightly. I cried for maaaybe 2 hours. No joke. I searched the casino up and down, while my sweet husband laughed at me and shook his head. Long story short, after calling lost and found for the twelfth time, the told me that had a camera turned in. I rushed down there and they pulled it out was my camera!! There are still good people in this world!! :)

During the photographers ignite presentations...

Walking around the Trade Show...

My absolute favorite restaurant of the whole trip. I had a Truffle flat bread with fontina fondue, black truffles, mushrooms, cotto ham and arugula. Oh. MY. and a super delicious caesar salad. Aus had seabass. Delish. 

The New York of our favs. 
Monte Carlo 

It's nice to get away. It's nice to slow down from the hustle bustle of our busy-crazy-never-ending work lives and pause. It's nice to reconnect with each other and revisit our goals and dreams for our future. It's nice to just be...together. And it's incredibly nice to do all of this in the fabulous city of Las Vegas! We will be back!


  1. How come you left out the pic of me with the wax version of Jenna Jameson?

  2. I'm so glad you found your camera and got your wax museum pics, lol. You look amaze in them& I need that cardigan and necklace...bring them when you come to visit baby I!