Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Recap

Blogging is hard! Keeping up with this blog and our Windy Peak blog is getting to be too much. I'm trying to figure out how to combine the two, because after all, we want our Windy Peak clients to know us, and I think seeing posts on our personal life will help them get to know us. Anyway...some random stuff going on in our lives.

  • We are in full blown wedding season! And I love it. We did have a break this Easter weekend and that was nice. This coming weekend our wedding is in Raleigh (hooray!) and then next weekend we are headed back to the beach - this time, Myrtle Beach. I say hooray about the local weddings but the traveling really is fun. It's fun to stay in hotels and eat out at new restaurants. It's fun to go to the beach three times in one month. :) I'm just so glad Austin and I do this job together. We say it almost on a daily basis - there is no way I could do it with anyone else.
How we spend a lot of our time...
Molly with her best friend, Molly. We are SO happy to know while we are traveling so much that Molly is in good hands. I think she likes it better there than at our house! :-/

We stayed home this Easter weekend, mainly because we are out of town every other weekend and we wanted to sleep in (in our own bed). Abi was with us so we did the typical Easter activities - dyed eggs, hunted eggs, etc. Abi did wake up to a fun filled Easter basket but I was telling Aus...I think this might be our last year with the Easter bunny. It got us talking, this will probably be our last year playing Santa, too. She is on to us!! She knows the Easter bunny in the mall is a man dressed up, but hasn't put that together with Santa yet. She also told us this weekend that the tooth fairy was really your parents. We told her if she did not believe she would not receive!! So, she believed in the Easter bunny for this year at least. :)  
It was nice to be at home but I sure did miss our family! I missed my family, missed Austin's family, kind of wished we had somebody to celebrate with. We did get up Sunday morning and go to church and then came home and had a pretty awesome Easter lunch. We had ham, deviled eggs, brown sugar green beans and crock pot mac and cheese I made the night before. So easy and so good! I will be making that again for sure. I wish I took a picture! Ugh.

Can y'all tell how much weight Austin has lost?!? 25lbs +!

Can you find the egg? :)
  • Umm, and helllo. Earth to Ashley...the biggest news of all - my sweet friend Frannie had her baby girl! Claudia Jane, named after Frannie and Kevin's mothers. I love it. She was born on April 5th (last Thursday) in Greensboro, NC. Fran and Kev are home now and doing great! I am on my way to Danville this Thursday to hang with Katie while she is on spring break and get in lots of girl + newborn time! It can not get here soon enough!
How perfect is she??

  • We finally got our act together and ordered new packaging for our clients DVD's. I am super excited about it and can't wait to put it all together. I will be taking pictures soon so stay tuned. My favorite...purple and white M&M's with our logo on them. Yeahhhh boyyyyyy! :)
  • We got Molly a dog house last week. She has yet to go in it. She is such a sacredy cat! We've been putting treats in the back of the house to make her go in and get them, and she does, and then comes right back out. It hasn't rained yet, so maybe if we leave her out in the rain she will use it. It's a really nice house and I know she will love it once she gets over her fears. Little wus!

I think that's all I got for now. I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later. :)

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