Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lots of news!! Austin is doing fabulous!

SO much has been going on this past week since we've been at home. Austin continues to do well and he is doing just as expected with the recovery process. I honestly can't believe how well he is doing and how quickly he is recovering. His pain is pretty minimal now and he is able to do a lot on his feet. He even makes frequent shopping trips to the mall with me. :)  We went back for his 2 week follow up appointment yesterday and all was well. They removed his staples, checked him out and told us everything looked great from a surgical stand point. They did draw some labs so we will know those in a few days. I am anxious to see what his labs look like now that he is tumor free!! We have plans to meet with two different doctors next Tuesday. First we are meeting with a radiation oncologist to discuss possible radiation therapy and then we are meeting with a medical oncologist to discuss the need for chemo. We don't know if Austin will do radiation or chemo or both. We will meet with them, hear their recommendations, then all the doctors will talk and develop a plan for Austin. I'm guessing he will do one of the two types of treatment, if not both. And honestly it kind of makes us feel better to do something just in case there is still cancer in  his body. They keep telling us "as far as we know" it hasn't spread and is all contained but still, things don't show up on a scan until they are big so it is possible there are still cancer cells present. These are all things we will talk with the oncologist about next week and I will update y'all once we know the plan. Austin is very encouraged and doesn't feel scared of either treatment option. So that makes me feel strong and encouraged too!

Ready to get these bad boys out!! All 67 of them! 

He might actually start back to work next week for a few days, or a few half days at least.
My mom has been here with us for a few weeks but last Sunday she had to head back to Chicago. We have had so much family at our house and it's been sooo nice. Today, (Wednesday) was actually my first day back to work. I was totally dreading it, mostly just leaving Austin at home and getting back to the grind of real life. Through all this craziness it has been really nice to have so much time hanging with Aus and being together. I do value that time so much! I was telling my dad I was dreading work a bit and getting back to normal every day life stuff and he said something so simple to me, "just be glad you can go back." As in, just be glad Austin's situation is good enough that we can go back to work...that we can get back to the grind of things with laundry, chores and grocery shopping. Be glad we can focus on our careers and continue to live this life we love so much.  It really made me think about all I am so glad for. We are so blessed. I am glad Austin is doing so well and we are able to truck on with life and get back to somewhat "normal" soon. I am so glad this is our reality. There were many long and sad days in the Green house not long ago wondering...wondering what was going to happen...wondering where we were going to be and if our life would ever come back to us. Our prayers were answered and I know God is in control of our lives. Each day I feel closer to Him and a greater understanding of why this happened to us. 
Sometimes Austin and I talk and it's like God just said "here. you have cancer. see how this feels. But wait a minute. I'm going to fix it, and cure it, and make you healthy again." It's like we just had a little taste of how devastating our lives could of turned. If this wasn't a sign for Got to show us he is here then I don't know what is. 
We were talking to Melissa (one of Dr. Clary's residents who helped with Aus' surgery) yesterday and telling her about things we read on the Internet about FHCC. She told us, "yea. there really aren't many cases like yours." Most of the time when FHCC is finally found it is very advanced and metastasized (spread) all over the body. Most people with this diagnosis (FHCC - liver cancer) are very  young and have a very poor prognosis. It just makes me ask God WHY? Why did you save Austin and give him this amazing prognosis when normally that's not the case for these patients? Why are so we blessed? I am overwhelmed. I am humble. I continue to be consumed by the power of God and his control over our lives.

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