Monday, July 16, 2012


Feeling kind of anxious today. Tomorrow we go for Austin's PET scan. The radiation oncologist has ordered the scan so we can evaluate Austin's liver size and see how well it has regenerated (grown back) since his surgery. Before they start any radiation therapy we have to make sure his liver is large and well enough to handle the treatment. They can also see any areas of metatasis and I guess that is what I am anxious about. They have told us the cancer was contained to the liver, the CT and MRI showed no evidence of mets but I guess with the different imaging - the PET scan - I worry about something crazy showing up. I'm sure not, but I am getting a little anxious regardless.

I hope we find out great news, and for that I am excited! I hope we hear that they don't see anything and his liver has grown back really well and we can start radiation. Austin has labs first and then the scan is scheduled for 11:30. We have an appointment at 3:00 with Dr. Czito where we will discuss the scan results and figure out the definitive plan. Please pray for our strength tomorrow and for good results! And also please pray Austin is strong while he lays in the scanner...for 30 minutes or's a long time to lay alone and think. Love you so much, Aus.

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