Wednesday, October 17, 2012

13 weeks!

How far along: 13 weeks!! Done with the first trimester! 

Size of baby: A peach :)

Total weight gain/loss: still about 3 lbs. Can't tell much difference from last week in how I look. 

Maternity clothes: I bought a few things...and learned something amazing...maternity pants DO NOT have buttons!! umm! holy amazing. My grandmother and aunt took me shopping and I got a few tops and jeans and a dress. Fun stuff! Can't wait to wear them! 

Gender: We should find out around Thanksgiving...I can't WAIT. 

Movement: I wish! 

Sleep: Still really good. Still super tired, hoping that I get some energy back in the next week or so. We had a 13 hour wedding on Saturday and that totally wiped me out. I'm at home on the couch recovering today.

What I miss: Not a whole lot, just ready to gain some energy back. I feel like I'm laying here wasting the day away but I can't get it together enough to move off the sofa. I do have some laundry going and managed to get up and eat lunch with Aus when he came home. I'm just so so so tired all the time. Ugh.  

Cravings: Not much of anything really...still can't stomach the thought of mexican food.  

Best moment this past week: We ordered our crib! Excited about that!! We got the sleigh crib from Pottery Barn Kids and it will be here any day now...haha. Guess we will put that little guy in the garage until we're ready to put it together. :) 

Symptoms: My nausea is definitely better...woohoo! Still headaches and burping all the time, and besides my lack of energy I'm feeling a lot better. 

What I'm looking forward to: our next baby appointment the end of the month, and Austin's CT scan tomorrow. I know that sounds weird that I'm looking forward to it, but I am. I'm ready to get it over with and to hear some good news!! Aus has been pretty stressed over it and I'm ready to put it behind us. It's going to feel really good to hear that he has no tumors in his body. Please say a prayer tonight! 

Milestones: first trimester complete! yayyyyaa 

Mood: excited and tired...not feeling nearly as emotional these days, whew. 

Labor Signs: negative! 

Wedding rings on or off: on 

I will try to post a pic soon...but there hasn't really been any change from weeks 12 to 13. 


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  1. the lack of energy is comical! I'm 18 weeks and some days my husband doesn't recognize me. I've gone from busy, busy, busy to naps and 9pm bedtimes. I'll take being sleepy over some of the other symptoms though, ha! Congrats!!