Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby Green Bean!!

So let's play a little catch up with baby Green bean! We found out we were expecting the day before our anniversary, August 20th...crazy we've known about this little bean for a month and a half now! I called the OB later that afternoon to let them know I had a positive pregnancy test and they told me I was about 5 weeks and that they would set up my first appointment for September 4th. That was a long two weeks!! In the meantime...we waited, and waited. And I analyzed everything my body was doing, of course. 

My dad was here visiting when we found out we were preg so we told him that night. I called my mom later that night and told her I needed her to look at something on the computer with me and then e-mailed her pictures of the positive I was on the phone with her when she opened the e-mail...and she screamed, and cried, and laughed and asked "is this for real???" one hundred times. It was an awesome moment. :) 

A few days later I told my two very best friends, just because I had to tell someone, and had to ask 283487 questions about what was going on and was this ok to eat and was this ok to feel, etc etc. 

Labor day weekend we went to the lake and told Austin's parents, and then had our first appointment the next day and called his grandmother, brother and sister, and my aunt and grandmother, too. That was a fun day with lots of happy tears! 

Sept 4th...went to the OB, super nervous and anxious, and they confirmed I was pregnant through urine and blood tests. Tried to do a vaginal ultrasound but said it was still pretty early so we weren't able to really see anything. I think the baby was about the size of a poppy seed then!

Sept 18th...went back for another ultrasound and we saw our little bean for the first time. Everything looked great and we (I) felt a lot more confident that I was really pregnant and that this was really happening. Austin never really doubted it...haha. 

Sweet babies first picture:

September 28th...we announced we were pregnant on Facebook and ready for the whole world to know our little secret. :) 

October 4th...the best appointment yet because we got to hear our sweet babies heart beat! We went over tons of info, family history, insurance stuff, talked about delivery and they did a physical on me. Then we got to see our sweet baby again and he/she really looks like a baby now! We saw both arms and legs and saw him kicking me! It's crazy how active he/she is and I can't feel any of it. Our OB used a doppler and we were able to hear the heartbeat too. That was music to my ears. :) And we could HEAR him kicking! Sounded just like a whip! Ouch baby!! We also saw him/her sucking his thumb...omg so cute! 

Big difference for 2 weeks, huh? 

We go back again in 4 weeks, October 30th. We will go every 4 weeks until I'm 28 weeks, and then start going every 2 weeks. So not at this next appt (October 30th) but the next one, we will find out the sex! That should be the last week of November, but I'm going to ask if we can do it the week before (week of Thanksgiving) so we can tell all our family in Alabama when we go for Thanksgiving.

I've been feeling pretty crummy and very excited to be out of the first trimester. Next week is week 12 so I'm almost there! I've been SO tired, absolutely exhausted, and nauseous from mid-day to evening almost every day. I've thrown up a hand full of times and the worst was last week when I had to have Aus pull over on the side of the road so I could puke. Ugh. Besides that my biggest symptom has been burping! UGH! So gross. I've had a few headaches here and there and one day of really bad cramping. I haven't had to pee a lot so I'm still waiting for that to happen. As for cravings and food aversions, I don't really crave much. There was about a week where I craved orange juice (simple orange with pineapple, specifically) and milk. I also craved tomatoes, but not so much anymore. I've had a huge food aversion to mexican food, which is so sad!  The thought of going into a mexican restaurant...omg gag city! No thank you! I'm hoping that passes soon because it typically is one of my favorite meals. 

I plan on doing the weekly pregnancy surveys starting on Monday, when I'm 12 weeks. Yay for starting those! :)

And for those wondering, Austin is doing awesome. Like, the best he has felt in probably a year. It's the best feeling in the world...seeing him happy and healthy and feeling GOOD. We are so, so very blessed. He has been the sweetest husband to me and I love him for it! This baby is truly the rainbow after our summer storm. God bless our sweet family! 



  1. If you're going to tell your whole family at Thanksgiving, does that mean Austin's family has to wait until later?!?!?! It's gonna KILL me knowing the they know the sex and we don't! haha

  2. I love baby Green bean!! He/she is already so cute with a little personality kicking away and sucking its thumb. I'm so excited for you guys!!

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