Monday, March 18, 2013

35 weeks...holy moly!

How far along: 35 weeks!  
Size of baby:  A coconut...we find out next Monday how much he weighs exactly. 

Total weight gain/loss:  Haven't weighed this week...probably another pound or two. 

Maternity clothes: Yesss 

Gender: Sweet baby boy! James Austin Green!

Movement:  Oh yea lots of movement, and lots of hiccups...about 3 times a day usually. 

Sleep:   Sleep isn't great lately. I just can't get comfortable and constantly feel like something is ripping on the inside no matter which position I'm laying in. It's quite lovely. 

What I miss: Miss feeling comfortable and moving around with ease. Miss being able to breathe.  

Cravings: Loving ice cream!! And Mexican food...oh how things have changed.   

Best moment this past week:  We have pretty much everything set up now! Got the car seat out of the box and the base in my car. Set up the swing, bouncy seat and the pack n play. Our den just got verrry tiny.  

Symptoms: My ankles have gone to another level. The swelling is ludicrous! My hands, calfs, my whole body is swelling and I bet it is going to get sooo much worse.  Also, I'm just so sore and achy all over. I feel like my stomach is about to rip apart. I'm definitely getting to the point where being pregnant isn't totally fun anymore and is starting to straight up hurt! OH and I am HOT all the time. Like total fireball...especially running around work, sometimes I can wipe the sweat off the back of my neck! Sick! 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby. I can't wait to see what he looks is all I can think about! 

Milestones: Baby's hearing is completely developed and his testes have fully descended. 

Mood: Pretty emotional and easily irritated. Hormones are so lovely.   

Labor Signs: Nope. But lots and lots of BH contractions. Maybe something is going to happen soon!!  

Wedding rings on or off: Off! Took them off last week...Dawn Soap, WD40, Austin pulling and me screaming...good times and glad those guys are off! 

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