Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update on Baby Green

So we went back to the doctor this morning and everything looked really great...I guess bed rest is paying off a tad! My blood pressure was the same, a little better even, 132/84. They did an ultrasound to check baby and his movements and she said he was totally fine and not showing any signs of distress. We saw him opening and closing his hands and picking up his cord and dropping it (so cool/weird!) She said if he was distressed in the least bit he wouldn't be acting like that. So that was really reassuring. During the ultrasound she kept going on and on about how much fluid I had. She was like holy cow, holy cow! She said girlfriend when your water breaks you are going to have a mess! haha, awesome. She said we should be prepared for an average size baby with a ton of fluid...she also said get ready because this boy pees a lot! 

I did have more protein in my urine than last visit so she sent me home to do a 24 hour urine collection (I pee in a jug for 24 hours and then bring it back to get tested for the protein level). I'll bring that in Monday morning and then have an office visit Tuesday afternoon to see the results. If the results are really high we will set an induction date. If not, we'll keep on trucking. She checked my cervix and said I was still closed and not effaced at all. So she said if we did induce me now the chances of c-section are increased, which we want to avoid. So basically my body isn't ready yet and James is content so there is no need to evict him. She said we definitely want to get to 38 weeks but maybe even 39 weeks. I'm 37.5 weeks now. 

So, more waiting for us. I feel better and feel a lot more relaxed. I feel like we have some time....probably a good week or 10 days even. Keep on cookin' sweet baby boy!



  1. girlfriend your so close!! way to stay patient he'll be in your arms before you know it. enjoy these last few days baby free!

  2. thanks girl!! i am getting really excited! he will be here so so soon!!! ahhhh

  3. Hoping your labs come back ok and your sweet boy can cook a little bit longer!
    Isn't the urine test thing disgusting? Ah, pregnancy is so glamourous...