Wednesday, May 29, 2013

6 week randoms

I can't believe James is already 6 weeks old!

  •  I had my 6 week postpartum check up today and all was well. My blood pressure was back to normal (118/73) and I won't head back to the office until my yearly GYN visit in October. 

  • Breast feeding is going well and I can finally say after 6 weeks that it doesn't hurt at all. It hasn't hurt bad for several weeks now but I was still gritting my teeth when he latched on. Now, 6 weeks later we are at 100% pain free breast feeding. Whew! 

  • My milk supply is much better. I'm taking a medication called domperidone and it has improved my supply. I'm still supplementing a few ounces a day but I'm hoping to get off the formula completely here soon. I still feel like I feed and pump 24/7. 

  • James now smiles and almost laughs at us. It's so fun to make him smile! I "get his nose" and he opens up and smiles so big - I love it! 
  • Last night James slept from 8pm to 2:30am! 6.5 hours big boy!

  • My mom and Bobby came for a spur-of-the-moment visit over Memorial Day weekend. As always, it was amazing having them here. 

  • Austin and I are drinking protein shakes for lunch and eating healthy dinners at night. I've lost 7 pounds in about 2 weeks. Hoping this weight keeps falling off!

  • I'm half way through maternity leave and dread the thought of leaving him. I know I'm only working 2 days a week but it's still going to be very hard. We will be playing the lottery every week until then. 

  • We are headed to SML this weekend and this will be James' first night away from home.  I'm excited and a little nervous - I hope he is a good boy! Next weekend we head to Atlantic Beach for a wedding and James is coming too. Busy Busy!


  1. hi!
    i am a new follower and so excited to follow!
    congratulations on james, what a beautiful baby boy!
    we just bought the mamaroo ourselves for our baby on the way :) i really hope he likes it! do you think the insert is a must? we havent purchased that part of it yet.

  2. Hi Sarah! You will love the mamaroo! Now that I think about it he probably would of been ok without the insert. You could always put swaddle blankets around him instead. We just took out the insert to the car seat and the mamaroo - both were probably unnecessary. Glad to have you following us!