Monday, August 19, 2013

My baby is 4 months old! What?

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old. Can. Not. Believe it. I wish I could freeze time to this very day. 

Height and Weight: He was 16 lbs 2 oz (60%) and 25.5 inches (60%) today at the doctor.  Still in size 2 diapers.  

Health: Perfectly healthy and happy. The doctor said he looked great and had the developmental milestones of a 6 month old! Always thankful for good health!

Sleep: Sleep is a little better. He mostly just gets up once during the night and then he's up somewhere between 6:30/7:30. At that point, I bring him to bed with me and we cuddle and nurse and go back to sleep. He will usually cuddle and lay in bed with me until about 9:00. Thank you buddy!

Clothes:  I just packed away his 3 month onesies/pjs and now we are on to 6. He has several 3-6 month items that fit him perfectly. Most outfits are 6 months, although some 6 month shortalls are still too big. Totally depends on the brand.

Social: He is so smiley! I love it! I think he knows the word smile. I swear every time I tell him to give me a big smile he does it. Maybe it's because I am grinning from ear to ear when I ask him but its so cute. He laughs and it's the best sound in the world! He is just such a happy boy and it makes my heart explode!

Diet: Still just breast milk. We are going to wait a bit on introducing solids. The doctor said we should wait to introduce at 6 months. She said they recommend that for breast fed babies because they will lose interest in breast feeding and we don't want that! I'm very interested in baby led weaning so I'm trying to educate myself on that whole concept.

Baby Gear Love: Love the MamaRoo, BOB stroller, lillebaby carrier, and tons of toys. I love baby toys!! They are so bright and colorful and so much fun to buy. He still loves laying in his crib watching his mobile and loves taking a bath in his Puj tub. He is out growing it fast though.

Crying: James cries when he is tired or hungry (obviously!) and then some when I have to change his diaper, get him ready for bed (hates that!!) or when he gets put in his car seat!

Likes: James loves water! He got in the lake and the pool this month and loved it. He could sit in the bath for hours too. He loves being held and cuddled, going for walks in the stroller, or walking around in the carrier, swinging in the Mamaroo, putting any and everything in his mouth, playing with his feet, roll around all over the place, and of course boobs. He still won't take a paci so I become his paci for a large part of the day.

Dislikes: Every night he screams bloody murder when we do his bedtime routine. He gets SO freaking pissed it's crazy. He isn't a fan of being changed and getting dressed in general but it's real bad at night. It only lasts about 3 minutes but I hate hearing him so upset! 

Postpartum: Got on the weight watchers program for nursing moms and it's going pretty well. The weight is slowly coming off so that's progress. It's not as fast as I would like but that's because I still have to eat quite a bit to make milk. I notice a big difference when I try to starve myself with my milk supply. Not good. It is what it is and my first priority right now is feeding my baby the best way I can. The weight will hopefully come off eventually. 

Milestones: James rolls over like crazy. He does back to belly and belly to back. I put him down and he is across the room in no time. It's impressive. His neck control is pretty good but we are still working on that. I feel like he struggles holding that big head up! Poor thing! Damn 99 percentile head! 

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