Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Updates on JAG + Life

I have a little time on my hands tonight (holy cow, what?) so I'm going to spend it blogging about my boy! (Mostly because I don't want to forget where we are at 4.5 months, 21 weeks.) 

  • Sleep is interesting. Some nights he sleeps through the night, sometimes he is up 3 times. I'd say most of the time he is up once or twice between 7:30pm and 5:00am. It's not awful and could definitely be worse. He is usually up for the day between 8-9:00am. Not bad.
  • Speaking of sleep, he is in his crib and unswaddled! I was kind of sad to see the swaddle go. He got to where he was rolling over in the swaddle and that isn't safe, so we had to part with it. Now he sleeps in a sleep sack and the transition has been fine.
  • 7:30 every night he is done. Like clock work. He begs...put. me. to. bed! 
  • James is breast feeding 6-7 times a day. We are going to start solids at 6 months and I am super excited. We are going to do a mix of purees and BLW to start. I am getting all my gear together to make his baby food and I am PUMPED about it.
  • We got a high chair and James loves it. We use it all the time. He sits in it and it plays with toys while I get a little work done on the computer. Score. I love that it has wheels and we can wheel him all around. I put him in it and wheel him over to me while I fix dinner and he watches me - perfect! 

  • He loves being worn and prefers the Lilababy carrier over the Moby, but we still use both. 
  • I'm about to break out the jumper exersaucer thing we have in the garage. I hope he loves it! Yay for more baby gear!
  • I need a new bathtub. He has totally out grown the Puj and it is time to move on. I love that tub though! I wish there was a little basket/ring thing that I could just put in the big bath to keep him sitting up. Anyone know of anything similar? I am totally not into those huge plastic tubs...ugh. 
  • We are super excited about the announcement of our new company business name and brand. Windy Peak is transitioning to Bow Tie Collaborative - We Help You Tie The Knot! Ekk, so excited for what is about to come! 
  • We have 6 weddings and 4 sessions in the next 8 weeks. Busy busy busy here on the loop! 
  • Austin has another scan on Tuesday, please pray for no new cancer spots! 
  • Austin's grandmother passed away on August 26th and we went down for her memorial service last weekend. Everything was beautiful but it was still an extremely sad time for everyone. James did amazing on the 7 hour car ride though, we were super impressed. 
  • We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, August 21st. We had plans to go downtown and have dinner and a few drinks. After Austin asked me one million times if I'd be ready to go at 6:30 I walked down the stairs at 6:28 and he told me to look out the window and see if our cab was here. I looked out and saw a limo! What? Really? I was so shocked! I love a good surprise. A limo, all ours for the next 6 hours to take us anywhere we wanted to go. We took full advantage and bar hopped all around downtown. I felt like a rock star walking out of a bar and jumping into our limo right there waiting to pick us up. We had wayyyy too much fun and totally paid for it the next day. Thank goodness for GiGi! Confession: I passed out pumping. Austin woke up to me still pumping (about an hour later) sprawled out naked across our bedroom floor with milk spilt everywhere. Awesome. And my poor boobs - hooked up all that time! We had a really good night. 

  • James watched his first Alabama game and loved it! :) They won, of course. 

I think thats all I have for tonight. I'll be month! ha! 


  1. James is so cute! I have to say, I do love my big plastic bath tub I used for Max (and passed on to my sister to use). The story of you passing out while pumping is hilarious, although I'm sure it wasn't fun lol. Congrats on the new company name!

  2. Ash, Can you send me any info you have or lead me to some good resources for BLW? I'm interested, but nervous. I like my big plastic tub, I didn't when she was little (ha!). It has a base so it's level with the tub and you don't have to bend over. The base turns into a stool for later. Also, I am dead from laughing at your pumping story!! I hope everything was perfect with Austin!