Friday, October 18, 2013

James has been in this world for 1/2 of a year

 I know I say this every month but I really can't believe James has been here for half a year already. It is going to be no time and we're going to be celebrating his 1st birthday. These are the most precious days of my life. 
Height and Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz (55%) and 26.5 inches (45%)...I'm proud to say his head is down to the 91% :) Started size 3 diapers today. 

Health: Health is great. I'm proud we've made it to 6 months without any sickness! I think breast feeding has a lot to do with that. (And that he stays home with me or my parents and doesn't get out into the germy world much.)

Sleep: Sleep is awful. It got better and then got worse again. Bad, bad, bad. I am one tired Mama. We had his 6 month appt yesterday and I talked to the doctor, in combination with sleep books I've been reading, and it's time to sleep train this little one. We are going to do the Ferber method and Austin and I decided we will hold hands in bed while we do it. Poor little guy, he is going to be a mess when Mama doesn't come rescue him. But he's got to learn, I've got to stop and we've got to make some real sleep progress. He is totally on a newborn schedule (up every 3 hours) and that is NOT necessary for a 6 month old.  Pray for us that we have some success and minimal tears!

found him under his crib. excellent. 

Clothes:  6 month PJ's and 6-9 month outfits. He is pretty much right on track with his age and clothing size.

Social: He is the smiliest baby in the world and I LOVE it. He has started really babbling and it's so cute. He is totally talking and saying words and it's so cute to watch. I feel like he changes every single day. When he is in the tub he just talks and sings and splashes. So darn sweet!

Diet: We have introduced solid food! Woohoo! It is so much fun. He's still nursing about 6 times a day and eating two meals - late morning and early evening. We started with avocado and he loved it. He's now had butternut squash, blueberry applesauce, sweet potatoes and broccoli. He LOVED broccoli. He eats so well and sometimes fusses when it's over. He is still nursing well too and I'm proud we've made it to 6 months. At 2 weeks I honestly didn't think we would make it another day, let alone to 6 months. It's definitely a ton of work but I think it's so worth it  - here's to 6 more!

Baby Gear Love: He loves his jumparoo, his play mat, his new bath ring, baby paper, Sophie the giraffe and the O-ball. He is obsessed with cords! We obviously don't let him play with them but he gets so excited when he sees/touches one.

Crying: James has stopped crying when he gets in his car seat. He seems totally content in there now. He cries when he's tired and lately he's just been fussy. I think it's the 6 month developmental leap and I'm hoping this fussy period is over soon. He cries in the middle of the night when he wakes up and wants his mama to get him back to sleep! Wahhh!

Likes: He loves being outside, bath time, eating, when we blow on his belly and kiss his neck, being thrown up in the air, strolling in his BOB, sitting up on his own and trying to pet Molly and Baxter.


Dislikes: He is starting to notice when I put him down and leave the room and he isn't a fan. He likes to be held or given attention at all times.  

Milestones: He can sit up now and I love it - I think he is so cute sitting there all by himself!

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  1. You all will feel so much better once he starts sleeping. I know it's rough, we did it at 6 months and it was the best decision we ever made. It was tough a few times, but he did way better than we thought. Hang in there!