Saturday, December 28, 2013

JAG is 8 months old!

I'm a little late - he was 8 months December 16th but it has been a crazy month - trying to catch up! Here we go! 

Height and Weight: I'm guessing around 20 lbs. Size 3 diapers.  

Health: No issues here, and STILL waiting on his first tooth. Geez!

Sleep: Oh sleep, how I loathe you. It isn't that bad, I guess, but damn, when is my baby going to sleep through the night? He does sleep through the night once or twice a week, but for the most part he is still waking up once. I know it could be way worse, but geez, I am more than ready to sleep though the night every night. 

 Clothes:  Still in 9 month PJs still wears 9 month outfits, or 6-12 month sizes. 

Social: He loves being out and talking with people and loves his little friend Ethan. He is still such a smiley baby! 

Diet: He eats 3 meals (purees) a day and nurses 4-5 times a day and usually once in the middle of the night. We have started giving him some regular food - potatoes, peas, bananas and plan to keep doing that as he gets older. I'm trying to slowly transition him from whole foods and move away from purees. I also want to introduce meat soon but it's hard since he doesn't have any teeth. The idea of pureed chicken and turkey - barf, so I'm just trying to hold out a little longer. I'm also going to start making him green smoothies with lots of fruit + spinach and kale. Yum!

Baby Gear Love: We love Scout his little leap frog bear that says his name, loves his hammer and banging it and making tons of noise. Puffs and yogurt melts aka baby crack. The twilight turtle night light. And love his new play table he got for Christmas! 

Crying:  He despises getting dressed. He almost always cries at diaper changes so I give him some butt paste or something to play with and distract him.

Likes: He still loves to eat, loves the boobies, loves to be outside doing anything, shopping and running errands, bath time (probably most favorite part of the day) and banging things around and making tons of noise. 

Dislikes: Last month I wrote about how he "doesn't love his jumper that much" holy change - he is OBSESSED. He jumps for a large part of the day when we are at home hanging out. He LOVES that thing - and it's such a nice break to get stuff done while he jumps his little heart out! 

Milestones: He just starved waving hi and bye and it is the cutest thing ever! He loves to stand up and pull up on things and can even stand for a few minutes unassisted. Millisecond stat is. He is super close to crawling and will crawl a few steps then stop. He gets where he wants to go though. He can pick up puffs and get them in his mouth and he can pretty much hold his bottle and drink milk.


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  1. He looks like he is going to get his front bottom teeth soon! Can't believe he is already 8 months! Time is flying!