Tuesday, February 18, 2014

JAG - 10 months

James is 10 months old…double digit months...which means we are getting SO close to a year! 

Height and Weight: I really don't know. At his 9 month appt he was around 20lbs, but now my scale says 19lbs. Not sure if its off or if he is losing a little from all the crawling and moving around. Oh wait, it's because he now goes to the gym. 

Health: All seems good and we finally have our first tooth! His first tooth popped up January 27th when he was 9.5 months old. He had a snotty nose for about a day and a little extra fussiness - no big deal though. Hope the next come in as easy. 

Sleep: Sleep is still the same - still pretty decent. He wakes up once per night, usually early in the morning (4-5am) and nurses and goes back down until 7:30/8:00. He goes right now at 7:00pm every night with no issues. Yay for sleeping babies! 

Clothes: moved up to 12 month PJs although we still wear a lot of the 9month ones. Clothes are mostly still 9 months and 6-12 months. I have been buying sooo many summer clothes and I am SO excited for summer bubbles and john johns! 

Social: He is so talkative! He has full blown conversations with me and of course I understand every word! I love listening to him "talk" and explore. He loves being around other babies and getting out of the house. He has experienced a little separation anxiety with me but it seems to be getting better. I hope I'm always the center of his universe! 

We celebrated Valentines Day this month…Austin was less than thrilled with these photos. I thought they were adorable, naturally. 

Diet: Still eating 3 meals a day and nursing around 4 times. When I'm away he is doing well drinking out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle. At 10months I'd say he drinks roughly 15-20 ounces of breast milk a day. I think thats ok? It doesn't seem like much but lately he would much rather be playing and exploring than nursing or drinking milk. I guess it's that time though. I am ready to wean him but I know it's going to be bittersweet. Breastfeeding James has definitely been one of my proudest accomplishment as a women. I will especially miss those early morning and bedtime feeds - not so much the hair pulling, kicking, bouncing, scratching, biting times. 

Baby Gear Love: He loves his little walker! He walks all over the house with that thing. Still loves his play table. Balls, books, his wooden car and caterpillar toys, his drum and music set from B. toys. We got a new stroller too - the UPPA G-luxe and so far we love it! It's small and easy to throw in the car for quick errands. Our next purchase will be a new car seat - can't wait for that! I need to start my research!

Crying:  He doesn't really cry much these days. Only when he is getting dressed - he absolutely hates it - or getting his diaper changed. He will fuss a little in the car too if we are going somewhere far away and he gets bored. Wah! Oh, and he wasn't a huge fan of the snow when we first put him down. But it was also nap time. Whoops!

Likes: He is seriously obsessed with Molly and Baxter. Our poor animals. James jumps on them, pulls them, rubs them, all. day. long. Molly is so patient and so good with him. Baxter is ok but eventually just darts off and hides. Bath time is a fav and we've recently given up the tub ring so he loves exploring and standing up in the bath. He gets so excited splashing around. Can't wait of the pool this summer! 

Dislikes:  He has now started giving us the most pitiful pout face when we tell him no. It is sooo funny but also heart breaking. It's hard not to laugh at him when he turns his little lips up. And like I said earlier, he strongly dislikes getting dressed or having his diaper changed! He is so dramatic! Especially after his bath when he is getting lotion and PJs on. He arches his back, flips over, cries and screams and just about breaks his neck! 

Milestones: Crawling at lightning speed, standing unassisted (even taking a step then falling down), walking with his walker, feeding himself pretty much every meal, drinking from his cup and losing the bottle, waving bye bye, giving high-fives, giving hugs, saying "mama" and "dada" and sometimes "hi" and getting his first tooth!

*he was not into the 10 month photo session this month! geez

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