Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Shower!

Happy Baby Shower to Katie and Beth!  We woke up Saturday morning and headed to Danville for our great friends baby shower.  Katie and Beth are both having little girls and their shower was perfectly pink!  Frannie and Shannon hosted the lovely affair and a good time was had by all.  They did something different: had a coed shower!  It was nice to change it up a bit and have our boys in the mix- although, mine refused to come but that is another story. I was SO excited about my new two-day-old camera and taking lots of fun pics at the shower.  Welp, what do you know.  Not ten minutes into the shower my camera DIED!  I had taken three pictures and then I get the flashing change battery light! Ahhhh, I was so sad.
One of the only pics I got, the damn beverage table.  I stuck to water as I was still rehydrating from the night before.  I did have some of that green punch and boy was it delicious!  I'll have to get the recipe for all you blog followers to try it out.  Orrr, I have any followers?
                                Emily, Katie, Blair, me and Jenn
Moments after this picture I got the flashing light and it was all over for the photo-ops.  We played games, opened loads of gifts and ate a doughnut cake! mmmm.  We were all given a little tub of playdough and instructed to make a baby out of it.  We would then be judged our creativity and new baby accomplishment. Mine was limbless after I moved it to the judges table.  Needless to say, I lost, Emily won, go figure. Game on!!!

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  1. Ashley! Your blog is so fab!! And your life is definitely interesting enough, especially since we don't get to to talk everyday or email as much anymore! I love this and I am positive I will follow you daily! Maybe one day I will get a had to go first. :)
    (haha I know you love it when I sign that way!)