Saturday, May 7, 2011

Katie and David's Wedding Weekend

First, I know I have been MIA. I'll write more about why on this later...

Katie and David got married last weekend (April 30th) in Danville and it was such a fun wedding!  She got married at 2pm so we had a full day and night of celebrating and dancing.  The ceremony took place at Sacred Heart Church and the reception at Tuscarora Country Club.

These pictures are from the Rehearsal Dinner the night before.  We had yummy Italian food at a new restaurant in Danville - Cugini's.

 Getting married in 14 hours!!!

I LOVE weddings.  I love everything about them.  Of course, when the bride is one of your best friends that helps, but even besides the obvious - seeing old friends, eating/drinking/dancing, I LOVE weddings.  If I could plan weddings for the rest of my life, even for free, I'd absolutely completely do it.  I love all the traditions, the rules and proper etiquette, the details, the choices, and how every single one is always unique and special.  I've always loved weddings and all the details that go into planning them but I didn't completely fall in love until I planned my own.  Stressful? Absolutely. Worth it? Oh, yes.  Do it again? Most definitely.  I have the best memories from our wedding weekend and hope to never forget all the butterflies I had in my stomach all weekend long and the exact feeling I felt right before I walked down the aisle to marry Austin.  I could seriously write a book about this but I'll spare you. :)  I feel so blessed to be a wedding photographer and to take part of such a special time while two families join together.  I love documenting them, witnessing them and taking photos of every single detail.  If I can ever help any of you out there, holler at your girl! :) 

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